Recipe by Chop7532
READY IN: 55mins




  • Roughly chop the onion in quarters and fry in a little olive oil,for five minutes until it starts to brown, peel the garlic bulbs use as many as you like but a lot is needed for this dish- no need to chop leave the garlic whole add them to the onions until all is well browned and softened - 15 minutes on a low heat will do it.
  • In a separate pan brown the lamb in batches and when they are nicely coloured add to onion, garlic. Leave the juices in the pan until later as will fry the okra. When all the meat has been browned add them to the onions and garlic and season.
  • Then pour the stock into a jug and add the tomato puree or paste and stir in the tamarind making sure this is well mixed (the tamarind gives the stock a nice reddish brown colour). I have had this dish bright orange cooked by a native Iraqi lady, but my husband assures me he thinks the colour is wrong and tamarind wasn't used, hence the colour. Of course he prefers mine!
  • Pour the stock over the onions,garlic, meat. Bring to the boil and simmer for however long you have got I usually leave the dish for minimum 45 minutes.
  • 20 minutes before you want to serve, cut up the okra either in half or if very long 3 lengths. Then brown the okra in the pan with the meat juices. It takes about 5 minutes to colour--this also releases a serum in the okra which will thicken up the dish.
  • Add to the main dish, also add the chopped parsley now; cover the dish and leave for remaining time on a low heat. If bubbling too much, slant the lid to let out heat. I serve with pilau rice and warm pitta bread.