Barbecue Pit BBQ Beans

"I got this just a couple of days ago from an emailing in another recipe group I'm in...they are quite good. I added a small diced jalapeno for a bit of bite. Even my 7 y/o liked these."
Barbecue Pit BBQ Beans created by jonesies
Ready In:
1hr 35mins




  • Combine all ingredients in oven proof dish or crock pot; mix well.
  • Cover and bake on high in crock pot or 350 in oven, until desired thickness; about an hour to an hour and a half.

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  1. Charlotte J
    Very good. I severed these yesterday at our 4th of July get together. I also added 1 tablespoon of dried onion flakes. These were cooked in the crockpot and I left the lid partly open so the juices would cook down. Made for ZWT III - Family Picks
  2. Roxygirl in Colorado
    Hi Janet, I was looking for a new baked bean recipe that I could just "doctor up" (without any bacon). I followed the recipe as stated, using dark brown sugar and 4 tbs. white wine vinegar, and baking in the oven. These turned out so delicious, with its dark thick sauce and sweet flavor. Leftovers have been super, too. Thanks for posting. Roxygirl
  3. jonesies
    Barbecue Pit BBQ Beans Created by jonesies
  4. jonesies
    Fantastic! What a rich flavor this recipe gives to ordinary canned baked beans! I used Bush Baked Beans with onion. Perfect! They are being served at a large gathering today and I'm sure will be loved by all, they sure are loved by all of my taste testers running around! Made for ZWT3.
  5. Dreamgoddess
    I chose this recipe for Pick A Chef and it's a true winner! My whole family (even my small children) enjoyed these bbq beans. They were perfectly flavored with just a hint of sweetness. I added in about a tablespoon of minced onions. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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