Banana Scrambled Eggs

"I discovered this from the remnants of banana french toast -- and it was so delightful that I just made this the next time! Easy and quick and tastey with honey ontop!"
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photo by Debbwl
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  • Spray a small frying pan with nonstick spray (or use a dab of butter/ oil).
  • Turn the stove on medium low heat.
  • In a small bowl, mash the banana then add the egg. Whisk together until combined.
  • Add mixture to pan, stir slightly to cook. DO NOT OVERCOOK! A little undercooked is fine, since the heat will continue to cook the eggs for a while after you remove from pan.
  • Scoop mixture onto a plate, drizzle with honey, and bon appetite!
  • Serve immediately.

Questions & Replies

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  1. Banana Master
    Just made this tonight for dinner. SO GOOD! I used 1/2 cup egg whites, and one large banana which I mashed with a pastry blender, leaving some chunks, as well as cinnamon. I was originally planning on using some sugar-free syrup, but when I tasted how sweet this was, I didn't even bother!! Tastes EXACTLY like french toast!! Will make again and again!! <br/>Note, even with 1/2 cup egg whites (aprox = 2 whole eggs) the serving size is fairly small. Ok for a snack, but for a meal, you may want to use more, closer to 3-4 eggs (2/3 - 1 cup whites)
  2. Paul F.
    I wanted to like these, but they really didn't work. The banana was the only flavor, and it was quite one-note where it needed something else. It was also too sweet - my banana was fairly ripe and I skipped the honey. I thought about using molasses or something to save it, but it was already too sweet. Cinnamon (as others recommend) helped, but not enough. Maybe I should have used more. I might try this with plantains sometime and use molasses to give it sweetness/depth.
  3. Giant Alien W.
    Super good recipe so good. The portion of honey realy topped it of. i also made it like a pancake or crape and it tasted even better.
  4. Csitri
    I found a recipe almost like this on my facebook as a banana pancake...tryed it , loved it...<br/>I did find that if you have a large banana do add 2 eggs or it just keeps falling apart. I have also made it with choped tomatoes and onion, scambled.
  5. norcal13
    This recipe was so good I had to join the website just to make a review! Sooo yummy. I don't tolerate raw bananas well so i'm always looking for recipes that aren't banana bread. I used a drizzle of honey but i'm sure cinnamon would be wonderful too. Thank you for the creative and delicious recipe :)


  1. ccoren
    Thanks for the post. Plan to make this in the morning. I'll add the cinnamon. I won't use the honey. If I need additional sweetening, I'll add a few raisins.
  2. Queenplayz M.
    I have a stove which is a match and oil one, so I can turn down the heat. What happens would happen if I overcook it?
  3. Giant Alien W.
    in stead of scrambling i made it like pancake



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