Banana Milk

"This is especially good over cereal. My kid's love it. It's also great as a snack. So easy to make. Posted for Zaar World Tour 05"
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  • Blend everything in the blender until smooth.
  • Pour into a glass and enjoy. Or pour it over your cereal.
  • Especially good blended with ice as well.

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  1. SAHS7930
    Yum! I froze the banana after chopping it up so the drink would be cold without having to put ice in it. I can see this being great in cereal, I drank it as a side to some peanut butter oatmeal granola bars I'd made. Perfect complement!
  2. The Veganista
    Good stuff! Rather stupid for anyone to be disappointed with the flavor or texture. It's called MILK, it's going to be runny/watery so don't expect it to be thick like a smoothie. And use RIPE bananas (brown/spotted bananas) for full flavor. There really is no need for vanilla or honey or sugar. It's great as is!
  3. scford70
    Made this last night, then nuked it for 90 seconds.... it was very soothing! Made me very sleepy an hour later and I slept SO good last night, better than when I take melatonin! I suggested it to family with small children who struggle to get them into bed, I suggested a warm cup of "Monkey Milk" as their bedtime snack. Can't hurt, might help :)
  4. Amanda D.
    Great & easy way to use up over ripe bananas! Kids loved it (so did I)! :)
  5. scrunchbox
    This recipe was wonderful. I like the fact that it doesn't add extra sugar, because the banana's natural sugars sweeten the drink perfectly. I also like the hint of vanilla in the drink. It doesn't overpower the banana taste, which is something that I definitely was afraid of. I'll definitely be making this when I have extra bananas lying around.


  1. Lucky Clover
    I first had "banana juice" in the Dominican Republic and have been looking for something similar ever since. This is pretty close! I made it with two bananas and one cup of milk to make it a little thicker. I bet it would be good with chocolate syrup added or with ice cream instead of milk, too. Thanks for posting.


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