Balloon Wine

Recipe by Kathy228
READY IN: 1008hrs 15mins




  • You will also need: 1 gallon glass jug (I guess you can use plastic, but I never did); 1 extra large latex balloon and a sturdy rubber band; 1-2 empty wine bottles or bottles of choice.
  • Combine the yeast, sugar and juice in a gallon jug.
  • Fill the jug the rest of the way with cold water.
  • Rinse out the balloon, and fit it over the opening of the jug.
  • Secure the balloon with a rubber band.
  • Place jug in a cool dark place.
  • Within a day you will notice the balloon starting to expand.
  • As the sugar turns to alcohol, the released gas will fill up the balloon.
  • When the balloon is deflated, the wine is ready to drink.
  • It takes about 6-weeks total.
  • Carefully pour wine into empty bottles without disturbing the sediment.
  • Discard the sediment.
  • Cork and tape the bottles closed.
  • The wine can be drunk now or aged, bottles on their side, for a year if you like.
  • But the younger it is, the yeastier it'll taste.