Baked Bacon (Oven Fried Bacon)

"Serves 100; allow 3 slices per serving. Reduce bacon by 6 lbs. for 2 slices per person. I used bacon I got over the meat counter in the store, so it was thicker. There were 12 slices per pound, so ask your butcher to weigh a pound and then count the slices. That way you'll have the correct amount. The bread is only here because I need more then one ingredient to post this. I like to fix ours this way when we have BLT's. Then all the bacon is still warm when we sit down to eat."
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photo by sloe cooker
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photo by sloe cooker photo by sloe cooker
Ready In:


  • 18 lbs thick sliced bacon
  • 1 teaspoon oil (optional)


  • Oil not needed, only for a second ingredient so it would post.
  • Arrange slices in rows, across pans with fat edges slightly overlapping lean edges.
  • Bake 375 degrees without turning 20-25 minutes (depending on thickness) until bacon is slightly crisp.
  • I have been draining the grease and flipping the bacon, then back in the oven for 5 minutes or so.
  • Watch closely.
  • Drain or skim off excess fat at needed.
  • Drain thoroughly on paper towels.
  • For those with a convection oven use 325 degrees 20-25 minutes.
  • The longer you bake after 20 minutes the greater the risk of producing a dry, burnt piece of bacon.

Questions & Replies

  1. How far from the element should I set the oven rack?


  1. Delicious! I baked at 375° for 15 minutes in a an ordinary 13x9 baking sheet lined with foil to catch the grease. <br/><br/>I didn't turn the bacon or drain any grease away... the bacon was perfect after sitting on some newspaper to drain away the fat for 15 minutes. <br/><br/>This makes perfect bacon for a BLT sandwich.
  2. One addition I do is use cooling racks with nonstick spray to elevate the bacon above the grease. And no need to flip the bacon.
  3. Why on earth did I ever make bacon any other way????? Thank you for the method, I wish I had tried this YEARS ago. Pan frying is painful and messy, and microwaving yields awful results. Your method is the way I will cook bacon from now on, and will teach my daughters to do the same. I lined the cookie sheet with foil, clean up was a breeze. The next time I will follow the suggestions of others and put the bacon on a rack over the cookie sheet. Regardless, this was easy, and I thank you so much for posting! :)
  4. OMG! Bacon heaven!! I used a medium priced, thick slice bacon, twelve slices. I followed other reviews and added cracked pepper. I also sprinkled on some organic coconut palm sugar. I was nervous about burning so I started with 15 minutes. Took bacon out of oven and turned over. I added 10 minutes to the timer. I checked every few minutes at this point (very important). Some pieces looked done sooner than others so I removed them to a plate. I put the rest back in and kept checking until all looked done. I put bacon on a plate lined with paper towels and blotted off as much grease as possible. I actually think the bacon shriveled less than with using the skillet and wow, my kind of cleanup!! I believe the 375 degree oven temperature, thick bacon and constant monitoring is the key. YUM!!
  5. I have used this method for years, and we enjoy perfect bacon each time. I like to sprinkle on a little brown sugar, and some fresh cracked black pepper, prior to baking. To the individual that complained about spattering and clean up, bacon by its very nature will make some mess, whether in oven or stove top. I find if you bake it at 375


  1. 20 min, 375 degrees did the trick for me. Perfect crisp, awesome texture. Will never cook bacon in a pan again. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Addition of racks to elevate the bacon



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