Bacon, Eggs, and Toast: My Version

Recipe by OH795
READY IN: 5mins




  • Prep: The first thing I do is get the eggs out of the fridge, the bacon and the bread. I try to get the eggs to room temp by putting them out early, but it isn't required. They may just take a bit longer to cook. Get your pan on the burner and pre-heat it to medium-ish. I start closer to medium low, then move it to medium when I'm there cooking the eggs.
  • Now, the bacon. Ever used a microwave for your bacon? It's too easy, trust me. Take 2-3 slices and place them evenly on a paper towel. Cover with another piece of towel and get them on a microwave safe plate. Times may vary for this, but my oven is 1000 watts and the bacon gets nice and crispy how I like it in two minutes, thirty seconds. Adjust according to yours.
  • Bread. Simple. Just place two slices in the toaster ready to go.
  • Cooking: You've got your eggs next to the stove and your pan on and heated, your bacon is in the microwave, and the bread is standing by in the toaster.
  • Set the microwave to 2:30 and hit start, press down the plunger on the toaster, put some butter in the pan to melt, and break the eggs into the pan. Don't worry about the toast or bacon getting done early, as they will keep warm from residual heat in their respective cooking implements. We're going to concentrate on the eggs.
  • You've cracked them in there and they're beginning to turn white. At this point, I salt them and crack some liberal pepper over them. To taste, of course.
  • Next, you'll see a sort of raised ring, about a half inch to inch around the yolk, of white. I constantly take the corner of my spatula and break through this to the cooking surface. What that does is expose more and more white to the heat and I like this part cooked and not runny, but the yolk really runny. Once this has set up, you're basically done. Shake the pan and look to see if you have any jiggly, clear bits. No? Put the eggs on a plate.
  • Careful getting the bacon out of the microwave and towels. HOT. Put them on the plate as well.
  • Butter the toast, put them on the plate.
  • Sit down and feast like a King, or Queen, heheheh.
  • I like to break the yolks, cut up the the eggs and mix it all together, and pile a fork full on a corner of the toast (repeat) and chow down like that, occasionally taking a bite of the savory bacon for a change of tongue scenery, if you will, but you eat it however you like, heheh.