Bacon-Cheddar-Chive Scones

"These rich, tender scones are packed with chunks of Cheddar cheese and diced bacon, and accented with fresh chives. Serve them with soup or a salad for a satisfying meal."
Bacon-Cheddar-Chive Scones created by maryandkevinaz
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  • Preheat the oven to 425°F Lightly grease a baking sheet, or line it with parchment.
  • Whisk together the flour, salt, baking powder, and sugar.
  • Work the butter into the flour until the mixture is unevenly crumbly.
  • Mix in the cheese, chives, and bacon till evenly distributed.
  • Add ¾ cup of the cream, stirring to combine. Try squeezing the dough together; if it’s crumbly and won’t hang together, or if there are crumbs remaining in the bottom of the bowl, add cream until the dough comes together. Transfer the shaggy dough to a well-floured work surface.
  • Pat the dough into a smooth 7" disk about ¾" thick. Transfer the disk to the prepared baking sheet.
  • Use a knife or bench knife to cut the disk into 8 wedges, spreading the wedges apart a bit on the pan.
  • Brush the scones with a bit of cream; this will help their crust brown.
  • Bake the scones for 20 to 25 minutes, until they’re golden brown. Remove them from the oven, and cool right on the pan. Serve warm, or at room temperature.
  • Yield: 8 large scones.

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  1. maryandkevinaz
    Bacon-Cheddar-Chive Scones Created by maryandkevinaz
  2. rosie316
    This was a lot of fun. I must say that I am not much of a baker, but I did pull this off pretty well. I will definitely be trying these again... it makes a nice side for a wonderful, filling breakfast. I used chopped scallions (since I already had some on hand from a previous dish I had made). I'm not sure if it is my oven temp, but this did seem a bit doughy, but the flavor was very good (definitely add salt). Thank you for posting. (Made for PRMR)
  3. Noo8820
    What a fabulous recipe.....I am no scone baker, but these little lovelies came out beautifully!<br/>So light and fluffy, but full of flavour!<br/>I grated half of my cheese, and cubed the other half...the grated to distribute throughout the mixture a little more evenly, and the cubed for that extra cheesy punch every now and then.<br/>Fresh garlic chives from the garden complimented it perfectly.<br/>I used the trusty KitchenAid, to bring it all together, adding around another 2-3 tbsp. cream to the dough, top get it all to stick together.<br/>I threw it straight onto the silicone paper lined baking sheet, and patted it into shape on there, moving it around to prevent it sticking as I did so.<br/>I baked for just under 20 minutes in a fan forced oven, and the results were absolutely wonderful.<br/>DH is loving them with soup for his lunches at work, and I am loving them just as they are.<br/>Definitely a repeat recipe. Thanks Annacia!<br/>Made for PRMR.
  4. K9 Owned
    Bacon-Cheddar-Chive Scones Created by K9 Owned
  5. K9 Owned
    I made these 'just because' and because I made them I was totally disinterested in my dinner. These are wonderful as a snack or for breakfast or soup and salad. Just great period! I diced the cheddar and followed the recipe as written other than reducing it for two of us. I just used regular organic, unbleached AP flour and couldn't be more pleased with the results. Thanks for posting this gem. Made for The Bistro Babes ZWT 8



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