Baby Moses in a Basket

READY IN: 30mins
SERVES: 16-18




  • Slit the dates lengthwise and remove the pits.
  • Grind almonds in food processor until a powder consistency.
  • With machine running, add sugar, vanilla, rose water / almond extract and 1 tsp hot water.
  • Mixture should begin to come together in a ball (if not, continue slowly adding hot water, being careful not to add too much or consistency will be too soft).
  • For each Moses, make a small ball for the head and an oval piece for the body.
  • Roll the body in the crushed pistachio nuts and attach body to head.
  • Put Moses in a date and press the date to secure him.
  • Gently pinch top and bottom of date to make basket shape, if necessary.
  • Using whole clove, pierce 2 holes in the head.
  • Place coriander seed or mustard seed in holes to represent Moses' eyes.