Baby Block Shower or Birthday Cake

Recipe by Mom2Rose
READY IN: 30mins
SERVES: 8-12


  • 2
    (10 3/4 ounce) frozen poundcake, thawed
  • white frosting
  • food coloring


  • Make or buy a minimum of 2 pound cakes (quantity depends on how big of a name you are spelling).
  • Slice in half width-wise and shave sides and top accordingly to make a cube.
  • Color appropriate amount of white frosting with food coloring to make pink, blue or whatever colors "blocks" you want.
  • Frost all sides but the bottom of the blocks with the colored frosting.
  • Using a frosting gun or a ziploc (with tip cut) filled with remaining white frosting - write the first letter on all sides, including the top of the block.
  • Repeat with the additional "blocks" by finishing out the name you are using.
  • Arrange blocks to spell out the name on a beautiful platter and getting ready for the compliments!
  • NOTE: You could also bake 2 13x9 cakes and cut into cubes and make the "blocks" 2-layers stacked.
  • You could get even fancier and pipe the contrasting color of frosting onto the edges/trim of the blocks to define them more.
  • Or you could decorate the blocks with the white frosting and spell the baby's name out with the color-tinted frosting.
  • The possibilities are endless!