Awesome Cream of Broccoli Soup

"This is a smooth and creamy soup and a snap to prepare. Whenever I bring this to soup and salad luncheons it is always the first to go. And I am always asked for the recipe. Hope you enjoy!"
Awesome Cream of Broccoli Soup created by Aunt Paula
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  • In large pan cook broccoli in water, adding bouillon cubes.
  • Do not drain.
  • Put milk, cheese, and flour in blender, mix well.
  • Then add this to broccoli.
  • Add half-n-half.
  • Cook, stirring frequently until mixture thickens,.
  • Be careful not to scorch.
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  1. Cinda Lu
    I was looking for a lower fat, lower carb option for cheesy broccoli soup and this fits the bill. It is easy to prepare and delicious. It doesn't taste like it is fat/carb friendly.... we love this! It is snowing outside, and this is perfect to warm the tummy. Wonderful recipe.
  2. 2ManyHobbies
    Oh my goodness! Something needed to thrown together quickly tonight and I thought if this turned out poorly there was always the leftover gumbo and a bag of rice in the fridge. Shove that stuff to the back of the fridge! This broccoli soup is fast and delicious. My teenage daughter who hates everything even liked it. This is a keeper. I cooked up a 12 ounce bag of broccoli instead of 10oz and thought that it would be good with even more. Half of the broccoli I broke up into small peices and left the other half as whole florets. The only thing that would make it better would be if the weather would turn really cold. Here in Florida that won't happen until January or February but I'll be ready with this recipe. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. My wife is keeping her promise to wash dishes if I cook and I needed a winner. This recipe was it.<br/>Thank you Aunt Paula!
  3. Kendra Jeans Kitchen
    It must be that all West Virginians love to cook! Here in the center of the state we love soup and comfort food is always welcome. This is a tasty and easy soup that really warms you up when the weather turns cold. Thank you Aunt Paula, this will come in handy again very soon-the weather it is a changing! Best Wishes
  4. idaframe
    This looked so good I had to make it for lunch today, and I sure am glad I did. It was a sensational soup. Creamy and just the right amount of everything. I will be having this often, as it is easy to make and quick to the table, which is especially good when I wait till I'm hungry to decide what I want to make. Thanks Paula!
  5. Aunt Paula
    Awesome Cream of Broccoli Soup Created by Aunt Paula

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