Authentic Mexico Garden Fresh Salsa/Hot Sauce

READY IN: 40mins
YIELD: 4 Cups




  • Boil Tomatoes & Jalapeños in large pot of water until tomato skins wrinkle.
  • Remove Tomatoes & Jalapeños from water and carefully remove tomato skins. Discard skins.
  • Remove stems from Jalapeños and depending on desired level of heat desired, you may remove some or all of the seeds and pods inside the peppers.
  • Place Tomatoes and Jalapenos into VitaMix or Blender.
  • Add crushed Garlic Cloves, Cilantro Leaves, Quartered Onion, Ground Cumin (Comino) to VitaMix or Blender.
  • Briefly pulse ingredients until desired consistency. Do not liquefy, but blend smoother than typical Pico de Gallo.
  • Put large pot back on stove and add 3 Tablespoons Olive Oil. Heat oil over medium heat.
  • Carefully add salsa mix from VitaMix or Blender (if oil too hot, mixture will splatter - be careful).
  • Cook salsa over medium heat for 10 minutes stirring frequently.
  • Add Salt & Pepper to taste.
  • Can be served warm with home made tortilla chips - refrigerate balance.