Asian-Apricot Chicken Cutlets

"This is a revision of my Asian-Apricot Pork Loin recipe. By the request of my wonderful friend Hope (aka mama's kitchen), I am posting a chicken version. This one's for you Mama!"
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  • Butterfly out the chicken breasts to as even a thickness as is possible.
  • Chop onion.
  • Mix together the 1/4 tsp of salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and the ginger.
  • Season chicken breasts with the spice mixture.
  • Heat a large skillet over medium-low heat, and add the 2 TBS of oil.
  • Brown the onion,and the chicken breasts for approximately 5 minute per side.
  • Mix together all the remaining ingredients in a bowl.
  • When chicken breasts are browned on both sides, add the sauce mixture.
  • Simmer on medium-low heat for approximately 15-20 minutes, until chicken is done to an internal temperature of 170 degrees, and sauce is reduced and thickened.
  • Taste sauce (say Yum) and add more pepper or soy sauce to taste, if desired.
  • Serve over steamed white rice.

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  1. I served this very, very nice tasting chicken dish over brown rice, but other than that I followed the recipe right down the line! I'd never used oyster sauce before [oysters are on my very negative list!], but I included it as well! Another time I'll be tempted to include either a little more of the apricot preserves OR add some chopped dried apricots, but that's another time! I was very happy with the results of this recipe, as were my guests, & I even passed the recipe along to them!! Thanks so much for this addition!


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