Apple Slice With Creamy Topping

"I didn't believe the recipe when my friend Lesley gave it to me, but having tasted the slice, and loving it, I tried it and had sucess the first time I made it, eveyone loved it. The family call it my "stolen apple slice" It freezes very well!! UPDATE Jubes used a gluten free cake mix, and reports that it turned out very well. Nice dessert for those people that cant tolerate gluten!"
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  • Mix first 3 ingredients together: Press into slice tin, (lined with baking paper) and cook in a moderate oven 20-25 minutes, til very lightly browned.
  • Cool for 10 minutes and then spread cooked apple carefully over base.
  • Pour over about 400gr light sour cream, spread out with the back of a spoon.
  • Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake a further 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Hints: You'll need to cook about a kilo of Granny Smiths for this, (or use canned apples, but NOT the ones without sugar.) Peel and slice your apples and cook with 1/2 cup water, and sugar to taste.
  • Drain and cool before use.
  • Be generous with the baking paper, it makes it easier to lift the slice out of the tin.
  • Cut the slice when it is cold.
  • Nice warm too, but cut in the tin.

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  1. A little lady down the street was selling organic apples that cost not much more then pocket money for a kid in the 80's :). So I used her apples to make this recipe. The vanilla cake mix I used was a Greens brand, (couldn't find a shop brand one). I used shredded coconuts and then kept to the recipe. I brought this slice to a family function and everyone enjoyed it. I think I overcooked the base a little so it was very crispy but not teeth breaking. The sour cream with the apple turned out really well. Thanks Mummamills for a great and easy recipe.
  2. Made for Australia/NZ Swap #22 The last "pie" I made. was as a newly-wed, 1/2 century ago. Since then, Mrs Smith has been my pie chef. I truly enjoyed making and eating this !! DH is not so fond of sour cream (and I had full strength) but I thought it was wonderful! Perhaps my pie dish was smaller, but next time I will make the "crust" thinner -- was like a BIG hard cookie ! Thanks mummamills. Not being certain of a "Moderate" oven, I baked at 350 degrees F.- 27 minutes for the crust, then 17 minutes for the final bake. I also used a 21 ounce can of pie apples. I think the DDs and DGKs will like.
  3. Great recipe mummamills. I made this slice gluten-free by using a gluten-free cake mix (Basco brand). Used a large can of sweetened sliced pie apples. Turned out great. Very similar to a recipe in the "4 Ingredients" cookbook, only they dont use the cinnamon on top. I also think this slice improves in a day or so
  4. Oh yum I have made APPLE SLICE for the Zaar recipe swap # 17, 2008. It is to die for with a creamy topping . Bite through the soft creamy top, through the slightly crunchy apples, and the the cakey/biscuit like base. Such a wonderful variety of different textures. This is in no way boring. Thanks for a great recipe, that will be making it's dreamy appearance on the table in a couple of days at my sons 7th birthday :-)
  5. 5 for easy to make, but I'll definitely be using real apples next time (I was in a rush this time). Thanks for the great recipe!



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