Amish Crazy Quilt Pie

"We shared this pie at an Amish restaurant in the area..and begged for the recipe and here it is!!"
photo by jrusk photo by jrusk
photo by jrusk
photo by jrusk photo by jrusk
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  • Place all ingredients into a blender, put blender on medium speed and count to ten --.
  • pour into a 9" deep dish pie pan.
  • during the baking process, the flour drops to form the crust.and the remaining ingredients will form the filling --.
  • Bake at 350* for 45 minutes.

Questions & Replies

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  1. 4papmommy
    Are you suppose to butter or Pam the bottom of the pie dish? I made one without and it stuck, usually a recipe will tell you to grease, and I usually do but because this one has butter in it, its rather a sneaky crust type pie so I followed instructions to a tee, and unfortunately it really did stick : (


  1. Laura Zimmerman
    Oh my gosh this is so good and easy too! I made it with soymilk and had to increase the cooking time a bit. It's almost like a custard on the inside with coconut on the top. Yummy yummy!! My kids loved it too so it won't last long and I know I'll be making another one.
  2. Santana N.
    This is delicious and could not be any easier to assemble. It would make a great dessert for those short on time, and special ingredients. It comes together much like a custard, which I love. It was a hit with the husband, as well. Will make again and again.I served it room temp, totally delicious.
  3. Ashley B.
    Made this last night to bring to work today for my boss's birthday. I needed something quick & easy, as it was a long day yesterday! This was super easy to make - I love that you can just throw everything in a blender & pour into the pie pan - no crust needed! I tried some last night & I love the coconut-y flavor. It did taste a bit egg-y, but the whole concept was just wonderful. I put it in the fridge overnight & have it out now at work. I kind of like it cold, better! I will add this to my quick & easy dessert list. Thank you!
  4. tsteinert
    This turned out really good. I would recommend eating it warm as it has a egg custard appeal to it. Even though I am a huge coconut aficionado this didn't seem to overbearing.
  5. hillsralive
    What a quick, delicious dessert! My family, who doesn't care for coconut, even enjoyed this. %u263A


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