American Flag Fruit and Cheese Tray

READY IN: 30mins
YIELD: 1 Tray


  • red fruit (strawberries, red grapes, raspberries etc..)
  • blue fruit (blueberries, purple grapes etc..)
  • white fruit (white grapes, honeydew etc...)
  • white block(s) cheese


  • Plan and purchase what fruits and cheeses you want to use. Think about whether you are going to prep this ahead or serve it immediately as that may change what fruit you would use or how you would prepare them. Ie. I would'nt put bananas on this if I wanted to prepare it ahead of time etc.
  • Prep fruit as needed. I hulled and halved the strawberries, chopped the honeydew, but I left the grapes and blueberries whole. Do what works for you.
  • Cut cheese into cubes.
  • Line tray with foil or plastic wrap if desired.
  • Place blue fruits in a square bowl or platter and place at the top left corner of your tray. If you don't have a square bowl etc. just lay the blue fruit in the top left corner in a square pattern.
  • Lay the red fruit out in stripes across the tray. You could do a stripe of just one fruit or mix the red fruits together and lay them out.
  • Fill in the white stripes with white cheese cubes and/or white fruits.
  • If not serving immediately, cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate.