Amazing Italian Meatballs (Raw Food)

Amazing Italian Meatballs (Raw Food) created by Nourished Homestead

These are tasty little raw food meatball substitutes. But I won't claim they are the prettiest things in the world :)

Ready In:
12hrs 10mins



  • Add ingredients in food processor and process until desired consistency.
  • Drop in half inch or so balls onto a teflex sheet, fruit roll up tray, or waxed paper and dehydrate about 12 hours.
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"These are tasty little raw food meatball substitutes. But I won't claim they are the prettiest things in the world :)"

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  1. hobochan
    VERY tasty. This is only the second raw recipe I've made and I keep expecting to be disappointed in flavor - so far I haven't. I'm glad I read the previous reviews regarding liquid - I made a point to buy a medium sized tomato and scrape out the wet, seedy part before adding the rest of the tomato to the mixture. I wasn't able to mold these into balls, but I'm pretty sure it's because I used a brined roasted red pepper instead of a fresh one. I will definitely be making this again.
  2. dogsandwoods
    My batch also had more liquid in it than I cared for; about 3/4 c of one minute oats sopped up most of the liquid. They were gingerly put into meatball sized heaps on the cookie sheet and are in the oven (on very low, with the door open) now. The last bit left in the bowl was quite yummy, so I am certain that these will taste just fine. Thank you for posting!
  3. free-free
    These surprised me...:) I have to admit outright that I did something very wrong with the consistency ... no way in heck was it going to form into balls... I added a bit if soaked flax to maybe help with the binding...gave up on the idea of shaping them and decided to present them as patties instead...truth -> -> works better that way for me as a sammie on raw crackies any howz :) and i ended up liking the nutty flavor and texture of the flax... went with all the suggested ingredients & added cloves of garlic, red pepper flakes ...also nutritional yeast {spicy-cheezee like sausage patties :) }...they are actually fabulous and very satisfying as a snack on their own or with a raw feast (oh...on a raw pizza they would RAWK!!! :IDEA:)...I am even going to incorp them in to a cooked pasta I have plans to make this weekend... :) thanks for another great recipe share...{{{oh i just caught a joke i didn't even mean to make...i said they surprised me...and they are called "Amazing" }}} Thanks again :)
  4. smurfybear27
    Very good; especially for being raw.....I think my mixture came out a little more liquidish than it should be, but I just kept them in the dehydrator for a few hours longer....will store in the freezer and pull a couple out at a time as needed...Thank you so much!!! :() )
  5. Nourished Homestead
    Amazing Italian Meatballs (Raw Food) Created by Nourished Homestead

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