Advocaat Cake (German Eierlikoer Torte)

Recipe by Chef #1166907
READY IN: 1hr 10mins
YIELD: 1 cake




  • mix ingredients 1-8 to a dough (use advokaat instead of the rum if you like).
  • beat egg whites until stiff and carefully mix to the dough by hand with a spatula
  • bake in a round 9 inch springform for approx 40 min at 350F and let cool
  • whip heavy whipping cream with the whip cream aid and spread onto the cooled cake (approx 1/2 hight of cake bottom). Do not spread onto the sides of the cake to give a nice black and white pattern.
  • Place whipped cream dots tightly around the perimeter of hte whipped cream top to form a sort of wall around the cake.
  • pour approx 6 shot glasses of advokaat into the middle of the cake. Be mindful that non of the advokaat seeps through at the edges.