Adobo De Chile

READY IN: 35mins
YIELD: 1/2 pint




  • Toast the unpeeled garlic until soft and sweet-smelling. Remove from heat source and cool. Pull of the skins and chop roughly.
  • Toast the chiles until skin bubbles. Remove from heat. Put in small bowl of water to rehydrate. Drain. (Use the soak water for the recipe liquid if desired.).
  • Pulverize the oregano, pepper, cumin and close in a spice grinder or mortar. Place in a molcajete or blender. Add the chiles and garlic.
  • Measure in the liquid and blend to a paste. If needed, add more liquid unti everything in the blender is combining but as thick as possible.
  • Remove from blender. (I take the bottom off mine to get the paste out.)This is ready to use in a recipe at this point. Further cooking is necessary to use in canning.
  • To use for canned chiles:
  • Put paste in a bowl and stir in liquid until it's a pourable consistency.
  • Heat an empty very heavy frying pan for a few minutes over medium-high heat. Film the bottom of the pan with a small amount of oil. Test temperature by dropping a little mixture into pan. If it sizzles sharply, the pan is hot enough.
  • Pour all mixture into the pan, don't let the temperature drop. Stir constantly until the mixture has darkened and turned into a thick mass. Usually this takes about 5 minutes.
  • Turn heat down to simmer and add liquid of your choice to the consistency you need. Simmer uncovered for another 5 minutes ro so to develop flavors.
  • Cool and work through a food mill or push through a sieve until there are no lumps.