Acorn Meal

"Acorn meal can be used in place of corn meal. Most cooks usually substitute acorn meal for half of the corn meal in a recipe. Look through my recipes for more uses for acorn meal. Time does not including drying time which is optional."
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  • To Shell: Acorns are best shelled with a nutcracker or a pair of pliers. Simply grip each nut the long way and pinch, then grip it the short way and pinch. Presto! Out pops the clean, white kernel.
  • To Grind: Put a cup of shelled acorns in a blender, fill the blender's container up with water and whiz away at high speed for a minute or two.
  • To Leach: Pour the acorn pulp into a dish towel lined colander.
  • Place the colander under slow running water and work the pulp around with your hand for about five minutes.
  • The water now runs clear.
  • Taste the meal.
  • If bitter, continue rinsing.
  • The meal should taste rather bland.
  • Press out the excess liquid and store in the refrigerator or freeze until ready to use.
  • To Dry: Spread the damp meal out in a shallow layer on a cookie sheet or on sheets of your dehydrator.
  • Then begin to dry it.
  • In the oven, you only need the pilot light or the very lowest oven setting.
  • As it begins to dry, take your hands and very carefully crumble any chunks which hold moisture.
  • Slowly your meal will begin to look quite good.
  • You can run it through a grain mill for finer meal.
  • To Use: The possibilities are endless!
  • Add acorn meal to mush, stew, or soup.
  • Use it in turkey dressing.
  • Substitute acorn meal for corn meal or use it to replace part of the flour called for by your favorite bread, cake or cookie recipe.
  • If you do substitute, cut down a bit on the usual amount of liquid and shortening, as the acorn meal is high in both vegetable oil and water (unless you chose to dry it).

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