Acadia's Grilled Baby Back Ribs

Recipe by AcadiaTwo
READY IN: 3hrs 39mins




  • In a large pot bring water to boil.
  • While water is heating up, remove baby back racks from plastic.
  • Turn the racks over and remove the membrane from the back. (It is a thin piece of membrane that covers the back of the ribs which can be removed by getting a knife in under it at one of the ends, and then grabbing it with your hand and pulling it all the way down the rack and off.).
  • If you can't get the membrane off, it is edible.
  • (LOL! I cooked the ribs with it on for years as I didn't know any better!).
  • Now, cut the ribs apart.
  • Places ribs in boiling water and bring back to a boil.
  • Reduce to simmer for 1-hour.
  • Remove throughly cooked ribs from pot and turn off stove.
  • Place in a bowl and cover with BBQ sauce.
  • Refrigerate for 2 hours.
  • Heat up grill to high (gas) and then lower heat to medium.
  • Place ribs on grill and coat each rib with BBQ sauce.
  • (I use the sauce from the bottom of the bowl).
  • Grill them for 15 minutes per side or until hot.
  • Enjoy! Yum!
  • Alternative: Can be broiled in oven instead of grilled for winter months.