Absolutely Fantastic Armadillo Legs /Jalapeno Poppers

"My girlfriend Deb made these for us at a BBQ and these are really one of the best things I've EVER had, my entire family loved them! I found a few recipes that were similar, but I decided to go ahead and post this one because the variations between this recipe and the others I think will make a big difference, both in flavor and an easier preparation. Really you should allow 4-8 halves per person, minimum, because no one will be able to get enough. If you want these hotter leave on the stem, and remove less of the veins when removing the seeds. If you want them milder, remove the stems and more of the vein. Regular bacon could be used, but the pepper bacon really added a nice touch."
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Ready In:
1hr 5mins


  • 18 -20 large fresh jalapenos (or more of smaller)
  • 1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese
  • 1 lb pepper bacon


  • Wash, cut each pepper in half lengthwise, remove seeds, veins and stems as you want.
  • Fill each pepper with cream cheese.
  • Wrap with a strip of the pepper bacon.
  • Repeat, until done.
  • Lay pepper side down, over flame of medium heat grill until bacon is crispy, (approx. 1/2 hr). DO NOT TURN. These can also be cooked in the oven, probably 350°F for 1/2 hr, or until bacon is crispy, or if you can manage to supervise them under the broiler, that would be a great way too if you can't cook them on a grill.
  • If grilling, move to top rack (if you have one) until served (devoured).

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**Please if you find my recipe through another site and try it, please return here and give it a rating, please!! :o) I love cooking, and have for as long as I can remember, (of course it goes with-out saying that I also love to eat). I guess I come by it honestly, as the majority of cooking I learned from Grandma, & my Dad (who learned from her). My Dear Grandma just passed away this past week (7/16/08), I have a few of her recipes posted on here, I hope people are inspired to try her Lead Cake & Cranberry Salad in her honor. I wish I had more of her recipes to share here, but those were my 2 favorites, which is why I made sure I had at least as those 2 recipes years ago. I was just recently showing my 13 yo son the first recipes that I ever created and wrote down, my first when I was approx. 8. My son loves to cook as well, so he also created a profile on here as well, (fawndog, don't ask me what it's supposed to mean lol) and has had fun posting recipes, particularly from an authentic civil war cookbook that we have. I am more of a "dump cook" rarely measuring, so I have had to start paying more attention to amounts and steps in case I create something I want to post on here. My family calls me the "Condiment Queen" since my refrigerator is mostly full of condiments, I would actually be embarrassed if I counted how many bottles & jars I have, & actually admitted it! Is there such a thing as condiment addiction? I wonder. Anyway, I love to use my variety of condiments when I cook, which I sometimes find difficult when sharing recipes on here, because many of the things I use are obscure, gourmet, & hard to find, because of this, some of my best recipes I don't feel I can even put on here. My recipes range from complicated, unusual ingredients, to pleasantly understated & simple, (kind of like me when I think about it) & could even be said to be closer to ideas, then even recipes lol. I love to make jelly, I have recently discovered that I Can bake, and have always appreciated spices, it took me a lot of years to realize more isn't Always better lol, (although my spice cabinet is also an entire kitchen cupboard so maybe I haven't learned that). I have probably created thousands of recipes as I have cooked over the years, but have not formally documented them, until now. The only time I follow a recipe exactly with-out messing around with it, is on here, so I can give fair reviews, if I do change things I try to be specific about what I changed. I hope you enjoy my recipes, if you have any requests, I have a fairly large collection of cookbooks from all over the country as I have inherited family member's cookbooks who traveled a lot. (Although, with the internet, you can find most anything now-a-days anyway). I find that I am really enjoying "Zaar", what a great community of people, it's fun to share recipes, see what ideas people come up with when adapting to suit their tastes, and of course getting reviews makes it even more fun. Although my pet peeve on here is when people give a lower rating when they seem to like the recipe with no explanation of why, OR change something in the recipe and then give it a low rating, duh! Please if you run across my recipes and try them, but aren't a member, please come back and sign-up real quick and leave me a review! :o) Please visit my web-site to find out more about me & what I "do" lol. http://www.LightBeyondTheVeil.com <img src="http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b399/susied214/permanent%20collection/adoptedspring08.jpg">
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