A Quick and Different Fried Fish Recipe

Recipe by John DOH
READY IN: 35mins


  • 3
    3 lbs rainbow trout, filltes boned and skinned or 3 lbs lake trout fillets, boned and skinned (also works with cod, sole and haddock)
  • premium brand salt and vinegar potato chips
  • lard (1/3 lb to fry)
  • 2 -3
  • 12
    cup milk


  • Fillet, bone and skin fish.
  • Pinhole the bag of chips, and sit, dance roll or otherwise crush the chips to a very fine meal texture.
  • Bread the fish in the chip meal.
  • Mix eggs and milk well.
  • Dip the breaded fish in egg mixture.
  • Redip in chip meal.
  • Melt lard in cast iron pan over medium high heat.
  • Toss in coated fillets, cooking about 6-7 minutes until "well done".
  • Works well as a plated meal at the cottage or home, fits well into a "fish sandwidge" with sliced white onion and sourdough buns on the shoreline, and accompaniment might included baked beans and/or ham/garlic sausage, serving depend on locale, you'll scarf this down in quantity on some nameless rock in the north, a little less eaten at home or in the cottage -- .