A Great Monte Cristo Sandwich - Longmeadow

READY IN: 20mins




  • In a bowl, put turkey, oil, and seasonings, rubbing over turkey.
  • Heat a saute' pan on medium heat, spraying with non-stick spray.
  • Add turkey and cook 3 minutes a side. Set on plate.
  • In a shallow dish, mix together egg white, milk, and salt & pepper if desired, whisk thoroughly.
  • Spread approximately 2 teaspoons (to taste) mustard on 2 slices of bread.
  • Put bread with mustard side up on work area.
  • Layer spinach, pear (if using) and turkey, and cheese onto each mustard topped bread.
  • Spread other 2 bread slices with mustard, and top the layered sandwich, mustard side down.
  • In same skillet heat remaining oil over a medium heat.
  • Using a spatula, dip sandwich in egg/milk mixture.
  • Flip sandwich, and do the same to the other side.
  • Do the same with second sandwich.
  • Transfer to pan, and heat and saute' sandwich (5 minutes a side) turn sandwich and cook on second side.
  • Cut in half and serve on porch with gloves and a scarf, or summer shorts, your choice.
  • Oh and a pickle. Must have a pickle.
  • And chips too!
  • Ok, maybe an apple.
  • Whatever, take a break.