A Doozie of a Floozie Burger

Recipe by Auntie Jan
READY IN: 50mins




  • Mix together your sweet onion, dill pickle, mayonnaise and finely chopped lettuce and set aside (In Amy's words, "you want the ingredients to marry").
  • Fry your eggs until no longer runny and set aside. (Very Important Ingredient) You do want the whole Floozie Experience don't you?.
  • Mix together your ground beef, cajun seasoning and pepper, forming into 8 burgers.
  • Fry your burgers until they are no longer pink inside. Set aside and place a slice of tomato on top.
  • Saute your mushrooms in butter and portion out onto your burgers and immediately top with cheese and your Fried Egg.
  • Top with the slaw toppings (*in memory of Amy*) then declare yourself a Floozie – Remember, this is a topless…ummm…open faced burger. I ask you -- would a Floozie want it any other way?.
  • We can't help it if you want your extra bun on top, but take it from us, its a whole lot more fun without.