4 Baguettes 450g ( 80% Hydration)

READY IN: 72hrs 46mins




  • Wednesday make a poolish. Warm the flour and water in a microwave. Mix all ingredients in a plastic bowl (allow room for activation) place in warm area 70 to 80 degrees until mixture is very frothy transfer poolish to stainless steel bowl (to assist retardation) and refrigerate overnight.
  • Thursday Transfer poolish to a plastic bowl add warm water, yeast,warm flour, mix then allow to rest twenty minutes, pour on to work surface and using a dough scraper french knead for 10 to 15 minutes or until the dough starts to come together and you see the gluten developing. Rest for twenty minutes, now add salt and continue to french knead for a further 10 minutes place in a fermentation box and leave for 1 hour pour out on to work surface and french knead 10 minutes. place in fermentation box and leave 1 hour remove, french knead 10 minutes until the dough loses its stickiness. shape into 4 baguettes and place in metal baguette pans and place in fridge.
  • Friday remove from fridge and place in warm area 70 to 80 degrees. At the same time switch on oven highest heat placing lava rocks in a roasting pan put wet flannels on to make steam using a fan heater on cool, gently dry the tops to ensure good slashing surface bake two baguettes at a time first 5 minutes at highest heat 10 minutes at 190 turn baguettes and bake further 10 minutes at highest heat.