16 Weird & Wacky Regional Recipes

From Kool-Aid pickles to deep-fried alligator, learn how to make some of the most outrageous, fun and far-out foods from across the country.

Waffled Pizza Dippers

"These were very flaky and even tasted good cold. They would be great in lunchboxes."


Fried Twinkies

"The first bite was pure heaven. These were very rich in taste with a crispy outside and a cool, creamy inside."

-Jenny Utsler

Kool-Aid Pickles

"I made this with a 32-oz. jar of baby dills. I didn't even get to bring home an empty jar from the barbecue I took them to, they went THAT fast!"


Watergate Salad

"This is really good! It was even better than expected. We loved the creamy and crunchy texture."

-Kit Katchen

Upper Michigan Pasties

"What a wonderful recipe! I made these with my 5-year-old daughter last night. They taste just like I remember."


Frito Pie

"This was a fun Sunday night dinner. I topped the pie with crushed corn chips and grated cheese."


Fried Milk

"My family liked the crispy outside and the not-too-sweet custard inside. I also used panko bread crumbs."


Chocolate Salami

"Everyone really enjoyed this dessert. It was such a fun dish to talk about and serve."

-Dorie's Lori

Oven-Fried Pickles

"I had never fried or baked pickles before, but these were delicious."

-May I Have That Recipe

Frog Legs

"This reminded me of making fried chicken. It has the texture of chicken, too, but it tastes like a cross between chicken and tuna."


Spam Sushi

"My fiance is from Hawaii and he grew up eating Spam Musubi, so I thought I would give it a shot. It was so YUMMY!"

-Crystal Rose

Fried Kool-Aid

"The newest in fried foods! For a very sweet treat, use sweetened Kool-Aid."


Jalapeno Ice Cream

"Named after the wild and crazy town of Tijuana, this ice cream made with fruit, jalapenos and tequila is just as wild!"


Alligator Bites

"This is the best gator I've ever had! I almost didn't have enough for a picture because my husband and I kept eating them!"


Chocolate Covered Bacon

"I made this recipe fully expecting it to taste awful, but was I in for a surprise! It's very, very nice tasting and well-worth making again!"

-Sydney Mike

The Garbage Plate

"If you have never had a garbage plate, you haven't lived! They are not pretty, but the taste and the experience are so worth it!"