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This Vampire's Kiss Cake Is Not for the Faint of Heart

Watch Milkmoon Kitchen build towering cake creations filled with fluffy buttercream and innovative sugar-based architecture.

Vampire's Kiss Cake

Sink your teeth into this demonic beauty.

Bake Your Cake & Let It Chill

Trim off the domes to make flat disks. If you’re up for it, you can torte the cake into 10 thin layers.

Build Your Tower

Anchor your cake with a dab of buttercream. Then, spread a thin layer between each cake layer as you stack them up high.

Create Bloody Chambers

Pipe a ring of buttercream around the top of the stack. Add lines that join at the center. Ideally, you want 5-6 equally-sized sections, aka chambers.

Fill Chambers With Blood

Don't worry; this "blood" is just a tasty corn syrup mix.

Shape your cake

Remove cake from the fridge when it no longer wiggles. Using a serrated knife, trim off the crusty sides and wrap in plastic. Put it back in the fridge.

Started at the bottom...

Now we're here! Dye your buttercream light purple and frost your cake using a piping bag.

Make It Silky Smooth

Using an extra tall scraper, smooth out the icing. Place cake back in the fridge to firm it back up again.

Create Your Gothic Roses

Dye remaining buttercream dark purple. Using a piping bag, create roses on parchment paper. Freeze until firm. Then, mount roses on cake.

Are Your Spidey Senses Tingling?

Pipe the base of the spider web with thin rays of buttercream on the side of the cake.

Charlotte would be proud

Connect the rays by piping “U” shapes between them.

Glam It Up

Pipe a small dot of buttercream at the end of each ray, and place a silver pearl on each for some extra glamour!

Give It a Kiss

Just kidding… Using a small paring knife, carve two small holes in buttercream to mimic the puncture mark of a vampire bite.

Slice and Serve

But before you do that, using a pipette, straw or squeeze bottle, add two very small drips of blood to ooze from the “bite marks”.

Just Look at that Ooze

Once the cake is cut, blood will flow from the inside buttercream chambers.

Call It a Night

Now it's your turn to make this spooky cake.