28 Fun Hot Dog Recipes

Wrapped in bacon, stacked high with peppers and onions, topped with mac 'n' cheese - these souped-up dogs mean serious business.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

"Our favorite Chicago-style dog recipes. Everything about this recipe is perfect."

-Candy bar

Firecracker Footlongs

"Strike a match, light that fuse and stand back — these little chaps are dynamite! These dogs were amazing, and we're already looking forward to making them again."


Perfect Corn Dogs

"Made these for my niece's birthday party and they turned out great. I rolled the hot dogs in flour before I battered them. I also used a tall glass to pour the batter in and then dunk the hotdogs in before frying."


Memphis BBQ-Style Hot Dogs

Hold the ketchup and mustard. These souped-up dogs with bacon, smoky sauce and loads of cheddar cheese need nothing more.

Mac & Cheese Dogs

"My husband loved the mac and cheese, and he even said, 'So, you aren't going to make the boxed mac and cheese anymore, right?' This is such a kid-friendly and adult-friendly recipe."


BLT Ranch Dog

"These were so good! They sure were messy to eat so be sure to have lots of napkins handy."


Reuben Dogs

"Excellent! I made these indoors using the broiler. They made for a delicious and easy lunch."


Seattle Dogs

"Having bought one of these dogs from a street vendor in Seattle back in the mid '90s, I can attest that these are pretty darn authentic! The cream cheese and caramelized onion combo really works and tastes great!"


Mexican Hot Dogs

"I used turkey dogs and sharp cheddar rolled up in a corn tortilla, then baked 'em. The tortillas added a little crunch. So addictive!"


Grilled Cheese-Wrapped Turkey Dog

Grilled cheese. Hot dogs. The best of both worlds.

Vegan Corn Dogs

"I suggest making more batter than you need and frying the leftover as a side. A great quick meal!"


Hot Dogs, Waco Style

"These were a huge hit with my husband. He loaded his dog up with jalapenos and cheese, but I'm a light-weight, so I just had a little jalapeno. But it was still good and hot!"


Spicy Onion Dogs

"These are the business! Oven-baked, crispy bun, oozing with cheese ... mmm!"


Cheese Frankfurters

"Holy cow! My mom used to make these all the time when I was a kid. I just love these and will start to make them again as my comfort food."


Red Devil Hot Dogs

"Devilishly delicious! We've never had anything like these before. They were so easy to make and the sauce really dressed up the hot dogs."


Italian Hot Dogs

"These had great flavors, and were very filling. I took a shortcut and used Ore-Ida hash browns with onions and peppers."

-steve in FL

Bacon-Wrapped Mexican Hot Dogs

"We love hot dogs at our house and these were so good. They had just the right amount of kick thanks to the jalapenos."

-I'd rather be on a road trip!

Hot Dog Casserole

"This is so easy to put together because I always have the ingredients on hand. We will definitely be having this casserole again soon."


Make-Your-Own Bratwurst

"Made these following the recipe exactly. Nice bite from the pepper, I love them. Used a strong Scotch Ale for the beer. Never buying beer brats again!"

-Scott R.

Carolina Chili Dogs

"Great chili! I made my hot dogs extra cheesy and topped them off with some homemade cole slaw."

-mary winecoff

Sweet Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs

"Wow is all we can say! They're so easy, so simple and so delicious!"

-mama smurf

Feisty Mustard-Topped Hot Dogs

"I'm usually a mustard-only purist on my hot dogs, but I wanted to try something different. This was really good and took the hot dogs to a gourmet level!"

-Ginny Sue

Hot Dog Roll-Ups

"This saved me from having to throw away half of my kid's hot dog buns which is always such a waste. I'll be making these over, and over again."


Greek-Style Dogs

"These were fantastic. The yogurt sauce tasted amazing and the hint of lemon was so refreshing."


Santa Rosalia-Style Hot Dogs

"Great topping! It really dressed up the hot dog nicely. I used the optional cheese and jalapenos, and the flavors were yummy."


Southern-Style Chili Dogs

"I've finally found a good hot dog chili recipe. My Southern husband loves it too — no Northern recipe can compare!"

-Chef #785946

Devil Dogs

"I made these for my kid's lunch and they were great. The batter coated the hot dogs very nicely."


Bonus: Sauerkraut for Hot Dogs

"What a great addition to plain hot dogs!"

-Caroline Cooks