23 Kids' Birthday Party Ideas

Is your child's party fast approaching and you're out of ideas? Check out these fun recipes for immediate inspiration.

Lollipop Flower Pots

"These were so cute. I made them for my twins birthday. They were a huge hit and mighty tasty too."


Slinky the Snake Cake

"I am a high school science teacher and made a version of this cake for my after school club. It was a big hit!"


Galaxy Cookies

"These are great for kids parties! My favorite is the cookie with the maraschino cherry in the middle."


Puppy Chow

"This is not just for little kids, but for us big kids too! I think it's addictive, and I'm thankful it makes a huge batch!"


Dirt Trifle with Gummy Worms

"My son doesn't usually like cake, and we were trying to find an alternative for his birthday. I put gummy worms throughout the layers and the kids enjoyed the extra worms!"


Dive on in Cake

"My daughter wanted a beach-themed party, and this was the perfect cake!"

-Chez Michelle

Birthday Party Chow

"I made this as a snack for my son's birthday party, and the kids really enjoyed it. I plan on making it again soon!"


Kid-Pleasing Strawberry Cupcakes

"These delicious, moist cupcakes were a perfect hit for my 5-year old granddaughter's birthday. She was thrilled to find a surprise in her cupcake!"

-Chef #1171764

Peanut Butter & Jelly Muffins

"These were so peanut-buttery! I used homemade peach jam in the center and it went really well. My kids loved these, and so did I!"


Mock Sushi

"When I told the kids we were having sushi for dessert, they all turned up their noses until I uncovered these. These are adorable!"


Fairy Bread

"My little girl loved this! Being the greatest mommy in the world doesn't get any easier than this!"

-Realtor by day, Chef by night

Colorburst Cupcakes

"What pretty cupcakes! The kids went nuts when they bit into them and saw all the colors! Very tasty too."


Horse Cake

"This is a great way to make a horse cake! I made this for my granddaughter's birthday. I used a decorating tip that makes hair for the mane."


Circus Animal Puppy Chow

Your favorite circus animal cookies are now your favorite sweet snack mix in the form of this animal cookie puppy chow!

Ladybugs on a Stick

"I made these for my little girl's first birthday party, and they were a big hit! Everybody loved them and raved how cute they were."


Birthday Cookie

"I decorated it with peanut butter icing and everyone enjoyed it. My son said it was better than the mall cookies!"


Chocolate Fudge Cupcakes

"These were a huge hit at my son's birthday party! They were gobbled up in seconds, and I enjoyed them too!"


Cheerios Treats

"This was a quick and easy treat to make with my son. He loved helping me with this recipe!"


Tuna & Cheese Pirate Ships

"This is such a fun recipe!"


Weenie Dogs

"This was a nice novelty kid's meal. My son really enjoyed playing with it."

-Random Rachel

Snake Meringues

"These were so fun to make. The kids loved them and so did their parents."


Rice Krispie Cakes

"These literally take less than five minutes to make. This is a great recipe with a very impressive presentation."


Ice Cream Cones Party Favors

"We made these as a treat for the twins' birthday to share at school. Everyone loved them! They were just the right size for a few treats and were easy to put together!"