Nachos, 20 Ways

Who knew there were so many different ways to melt cheese on chips? Serve one of these gooey platters at your Super Bowl party and hear the crowd roar.

Spicy Shrimp Nachos

"This is great! It's spicy, sweet, colorful — just delicious!"


Mini Taco Nachos

"I made these for my son who is very picky and he loved them. I also loved them — they were good straight out of the oven, and while I was cleaning up a few hours later!"


Easy Chicken Nachos

"This recipe is the best. I’ve made it several times and my family and friends always love it."


Baggy Nachos

Let your guests dig in and choose their own toppings for part crunch, part chili-soaked chips—the only nachos you'll ever eat with a spoon.

Ultimate Nachos



Bacon Nachos

"I never would have thought about making nachos with bacon before, but these are going to become a regular for us! We really enjoyed these while watching our Seahawks win the playoff!"


Tater Tot Nachos

"What a fabulous idea. I simply adore nachos and love trying loads of variations."


Sloppy Joes Nachos

"I adore nachos of any kind and these were awesome. We love sloppy joes and this was different and delicious!"


Chi-Chi's Beef Nachos Grande

"Right now, my eyes are closed, and I'm swaying back and forth gently, full of nacho love."


Bean & Sweet Potato Nachos

"This is ridiculous. Ridiculously GOOD, that is! I loved the spicy chili pepper with the sweet potatoes and the flavor from the cumin and coriander. This was gone in a flash!"


Skillet Nachos

"I loved how this only used one pan. It was a snap to make and a delicious way to eat my veggies."


Loaded Supreme Nachos

"I made two batches for a Super Bowl party and everyone raved about it!"

-Chef #1220603

Guacamole Nachos

"You can't go wrong with chips, cheese, salsa and avocado!"


Italian "Nachos"

"What a fun idea! Give me melted cheese and I'm happy no matter what's under it. In this case, the other ingredients are excellent too!"


Potato Nachos

"I loved the seasoning on the potatoes and had to stop myself from eating them just roasted. I'm glad I waited — it was yummy!"


Spicy Corn & Chorizo Nachos

"Yum. The corn and chorizo were a great addition!"

-Peter J

Quick & Easy Vegetarian Nachos

"These are filling and delicious! I used leftover chili and quickly whipped up some fresh pico de gallo while the nachos were in the oven. It was really tasty!"


Easy Chili Nachos

"These are super simple, easy, fast, fun and delicious! A great little snack to have on hand for guests or just the family!"


Bonus: Nacho Cheese Sauce

"This is a good base for a cheese sauce. I used it to make a plate of loaded nachos."


Perfect Bite Nachos

Guacamole isn't the only extra thing about this delicious nacho recipe.