5 Turkish Recipes to Make at Home

The Turkish Cookbook, by Musa Dagdeviren, takes you through the regions of Turkey one make-at-home delicacy at a time.

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The Turkish Cookbook

Brimming with culinary tradition and recipes from Turkey, this tome showcases everything from simit (twisty sesame bagels) to tiny meat-filled dumplings. Every recipe tells a story and highlights a region; a must have for any food-lovers bookshelf.

5 Fantastic recipes

The Turkish Cookbook may be a whopping 500 pages, but we've pulled five recipes from its pages that we think you should make today. You can make the other 495 next week.

Sesame Bagels from the Turkish Cookbook

Baked in wood-fired ovens, different regions have their own versions of simit with names such as gevrek or kahke.

Region: Istanbul, all regions

Tray Dumplings from the Turkish Cookbook

Also known as ‘oven dumplings’, some like to serve this with an additional yogurt sauce.

Region: Kayseri, Central Anatolia

Chickpea Salad from the Turkish Cookbook

This is popular street food in the region. Vendors cook the chickpeas (garbanzo beans) in a lamb stock and serve them in this fresh salad.

Region: Adiyaman, Southeastern Anatolia

Tabbouleh from the Turkish Cookbook

This is Turkey’s favorite bulgur salad and there are plenty of regional variations. It is served with boiled fresh vine leaves when they are in season.

Region: Hatay, Mediterranean Region

Stuffed Chicken from the Turkish Cookbook

In Bursa, the chicken is served whole and shared around the table. Lamb, rabbit, turkey and other fowl are stuffed whole, the only difference being whether rice or bulgur wheat is used in the stuffing.

Region: Bursa, all regions