34 Kwanzaa Favorites

Honor your African roots during this week-long celebration by lighting some black, green and red candles and feasting on African and Southern-inspired fare.

West African Chicken Yassa

"This turned out really well! The chicken was very tender and full of great flavor."


Injera (Ethiopian Flat Bread)

"Injera is a humble staple of Ethiopian cuisine. Traditionally, it is made with teff flour. If you can't find teff, any other flour will do!"


Southern Grits

“These grits are beyond delicious! Being a New Yorker, I had never had grits before. They are truly delicious. I make these all the time now!”


Chicken Groundnut Stew

"This is a pretty good African dish. The chicken was cooked perfectly and the amount of peanut butter was just right."


West African Jollof Rice

"This is such a good recipe! I've been looking for a great one for ages, and this is the best I've found."

-Aaliyah G.

Doro Wat

"LOVE THIS. I had a doro wat recipe I'd been using for a while, but this one is SO much better. That sauce is incredible, and it smells so good while it's cooking."


Fried Okra

“Oh my goodness, these little gems were heavenly! When my daughter came home and saw what I was making, she didn’t leave my side.”


Shrimp Creole

"This was great. I loved the consistency of the sauce. I served it over basmati rice and it made a great meal."



"Mmm, what a tasty sweet cornbread. I really liked its texture and the flavor was spot on, too."


Sauteed Collard Greens

“Such a great and fast recipe. My daughter enjoyed it so much! Next time I’ll serve it as a side dish with chicken or meat.”


Chicken, Sausage & Shrimp Gumbo

"Patience is key with this recipe. You want to let the roux get nice and dark. It's well worth the time."

-Chef Stu #2

Jerk Chicken

“As soon as you smell the marinade it becomes obvious this is going to turn out great!”


Cajun Catfish

"We loved the spiciness of this. I used bran flakes for the crust, which gave it a nice nutty flavor."


Jamaican Jerk Chicken

"I loved the citrus flavors mixed with the deep spices from the cinnamon and allspice. The molasses was a nice touch, too."


Kachumbari Salad

"A beautiful salad with an interesting onion preparation!"


Okra Salad

"I couldn't find any fresh okra so defrosted frozen okra. The texture was slimy, but the flavor was great, so I definitely want to try it again when I can find fresh okra. Not giving a star rating until I try it with fresh okra."


Classic Potato Salad

“This is my go-to potato salad and everyone loves it! I add chopped bacon.”



“I just finished this recipe this morning and it’s absolutely delicious! I used clarified butter and let me tell you, it totally made the dish.”

-Tina D.

Real Southern Cornbread

“A great cornbread! The proportions in the recipe are perfect.”



“I’ve been making this exact recipe for over 40 years. When I take it to a gathering, I encourage everyone to at least take a bite. All of a sudden it disappears.”

-Rosemary S.


"Very good and the kids liked it too! I also used chicken breasts, hot sausage and some shrimp at the end. This one is definitely a keeper.”


Cajun-Styled Grilled Catfish

"This was so simple, quick and delicious. I followed your ingredient list exactly and grilled them on a gas grill.”


Jamaican Jerk Chicken

"This is a fabulous recipe! Jamaica is my husband and I's favorite place away from home, so we love anything that brings us back there.”


Collard Greens

“A great recipe! We made this as is and really enjoyed the sweet and spicy flavor.”

-Ser Cooks

Cabbage, Apple & Almond Slaw

“A delicious slaw! I loved the addition of the apples and almonds. I made this for a potluck today and I know it will be a hit.”


Cheesy Corn & Grits

“A very nice recipe! I love grits. This has a very creamy consistency.”


Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Seasoning

"Great the day of, but also makes an amazing chicken salad if you manage to have leftovers! It's that good.”

-Madeline M.

Apple Baked Beans

“This made for a nice, inexpensive lunch. I really enjoyed the combination of beans, apples and bacon in this. It was devoured by all in one sitting.”

-weekend cooker

Roasted Green Beans

“These green beans came out delightfully crisp and tasty!”

-Kethry B.

Creole Cake

“Wow! I don’t know if it gets any better than this. So moist and flavorful. A scrumptious cake and a keeper for sure.”

-Shirl J 831

Ham Hocks & Beans

"This was fabulous. Just what the doctor ordered on a cold day! I served this with some slices of baguette.”

-Jan Marie


What better way to spruce up fruit than with the traditional ambrosia ingredients. There’s nothing that marshmallows, yogurt and shredded coconut can’t fix!

Sweet Potato Bars

“Everyone at my work loved this! Many had never heard of this recipe but everyone now wants it! It was delicious.”