29 Hanukkah Classics

When it's time to light those candles, you want dishes ready to satisfy your guests for all eight nights. Luckily, we've rounded up all the classics so you can truly shine at this year's festival of lights.

Dad's Best Brisket

"This is without reservation the BEST brisket we have ever put in our mouths. The meat was so tender and the smoked flavor was intense. Simply amazing."

-Gail Blue Eyes


"I love rugelach and these were not complicated to make. I made some that had a date and a nut filling that ended up being my favorite."

-pattikay in L.A.

Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnuts

"This is an excellent recipe. These were light with just the right amount of sweetness. Half were gone before the last of the batch was ready."

-Judy 9

Super-Simple Potato Latkes

"You can't go wrong with fried potatoes. We topped these with a dollop of sour cream. They were very easy to make."

-Delicious as it Looks

Famous Challah

"This has become the challah recipe that I will pass down to my children. Seriously, it's the best challah I have ever had."

-Ezzie's Mama

Spinach & Onion Matzo Brei

"This is delicious. I didn't get the matzos crispy enough, but who cares? My mouth was having a party."


Breakfast Kugel

"The dried fruits go great with the noodles and custard. The cinnamon also is a nice touch. This was very rich and super yummy."


Chocolate Coconut Macaroons

"These were a great cross between a coconut macaroon and a chocolate truffle. Fantastic!"


Smothered Beef Brisket

"This was a truly delicious dinner. I cooked the brisket overnight on low. I have packaged up several small portions of the meat so we can enjoy it again."


Tricolor Vegetable Latkes

"The addition of the sweet potato is a nice touch. I served these with a brisket and they complemented it nicely."


Holiday Applesauce

"The addition of the vanilla really gave this applesauce that something special. I used Granny Smith apples and did not peel them for a more rustic texture."


Baked Latkes

"We thought the flavor of these was quite nice. This is my new favorite way to fix latkes."


Gefilte Fish Appetizer

"Delicious! I always 'doctor' my gefilte fish, but I've never finished it by baking. It made a big difference."


Brisket Challah Sliders

Upgrade your traditional Hanukkah brisket by serving it on fresh challah bread with red cabbage and carrot slaw.

Cookie Butter Sufganiyot Bites

Traditional sufganiyot are doughnuts filled with strawberry jelly. These ones replace the jelly with cookie dough for an unexpected treat.

Mediterranean Sweet and Sour Chicken

This unique sweet and sour chicken makes for a nice Sephardi option, especially with its infusion of Mediterranean spices.

Apple Fritters

"The texture of this fritter is bready with a soft and fluffy inside and a nice, crispy outside. These are definitely a dessert-type treat. "


Sweet Kugel

"This is like bread pudding, but with noodles.The Frosted Flakes topping was yummy and the pockets of cream cheese were very tasty. It's perfect for serving a crowd."

Cheese Blintzes

"These are totally worth the effort. I chilled mine overnight and cooked them in the morning and it worked out well. They were really good with the sour cream."

-Chef Jean

Chopped Chicken Liver

"Fabulous! My family said this was the best chopped liver I've ever made. Broiling the liver was a great idea. It's so much easier than pan frying."


Savory Noodle Kugel

"The onions are wonderful in this and the golden color on top sells it."


Smoked Salmon Balls

"This is very sophisticated. These go well served on tortilla strips and cucumbers, as well as toast points."


Cake Doughnuts

"These are very easy to make — I just dumped everything in a bowl. The dough wasn't sticky, so it made it very nice to handle."

-Elliemae Clampet


"This has a very rich and subtle flavor. It's very satisfying. I used cole slaw mix as the cabbage. I thought it added a very nice crunchy texture."


Roast Chicken

"This was so good. I was scared at first that the seasoning would be too strong, but I was wrong. Great recipe!"


Butternut Squash Kugel

"This is absolutely delicious. This comes out with the taste and texture of pumpkin pie, but infinitely healthier."

- Chef #701543

Kasha Varnishkes

"This is a good, solid kasha. I added some garlic and sauteed up some mushrooms to give it some variety. "


Cheese Kreplach

"These are similar in form to won-tons, but the flavor is quite different. Kreplach are typically filled with meat, but these are filled with cheese and are baked."


Loukoumades (Greek Honey Dumplings)

"The honey coating makes these little guys crisp and sweet, plus the cinnamon adds that great Mediterranean flavor."

-Alaskan Dreamer