Top 100 Seafood Recipes

Whether it's summertime and you're craving a light pasta or it's chilly and you've got a bowl of warm chowder is on your radar, seafood has endless possibilities.

Grilled Lobster Tails

“A great dish if you want to splurge or impress someone! The lobster tails were so flavorful and easy to make.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Simple Baked Fish

"Great simple recipe for tasty fish. I like that the toppings are just sprinkled on top instead of the messy dipping and coating technique of many similar recipes. My tilapia was perfectly done in 20 minutes with no fuss and easy clean-up."

-Ginny Sue

Baja Fish Tacos

"This dish is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life! 10 stars, easy. The batter is magic, and the secret sauce compliments the other flavors perfectly.”

-Jane Galt37

Quick & Easy Shrimp Pad Thai

With ten minutes of active preparation and twenty minutes for soaking the noodles, this easy Pad Thai comes together in no time. Not a fan of shrimp? Toss some cooked chicken in with the five-ingredient sauce to make a delicious alternative.

Mediterranean Tilapia Pockets

"Loved these little fish foil packets so much. They were so easy and the oven does all the work for you which is always a nice bonus. These would be great thrown on the grill as well."

-Jonathan Melendez

Panko Fried Oysters for Two

“This is an awesome recipe. I won’t make them any other way. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Terri M.

Caramelized Nectarines over Baked Cod

“This dish succeeded in so many ways. It was superb, and all done in less than 30 minutes. A household favorite from the first try."

-Adam H.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops

“Delicious and beautiful! Made as written with the addition of a sprinkling of parsley on top.”


Perfect Shrimp Scampi

“This was excellent! I made it tonight, and the whole family cleaned their plates. I served it over angel hair pasta, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.”


Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce

"Perfect salmon recipe and the sauce is out of this world! I can't recommend it enough!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Lobster Chowder

"I love this recipe. It’s awesome and produces a great chowder.”

-Baby Kato

Branzino in Salsa Picante

"Branzino is my favorite fish. I always order it at a restaurant when it's on the menu. I've never had it in a spicy tomato sauce before and now I'm hooked! I've made it twice for dinner and can't get enough."

-Jonathan Melendez

Ultimate Seafood Fondue

“This is a great recipe for parties or gatherings! I toasted the bread bowl before pouring in the fondue to make it sturdier, and served it with vegetables and cooked shrimp for dipping!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Pan Fried Trout

"This is so basic, so simple and so good!"


Szechuan Shrimp

"A flavorful dish in less than 15 minutes, and under 200 calories! The outcome surpassed my expectation. The finely chopped ginger blended well with other fresh ingredients yet yielded a subtle, exotic taste.”

-Peter Pan

Fried Salt Cod

“I hadn’t tried this kind of cod before. It was crunchy, delicious and smelled so good while it was frying. My husband especially enjoyed it!"


Mussels in White Wine & Garlic

“A very simple recipe with few ingredients that go a long way! I made this recipe twice in a row.”

-El G.

Mahi Mahi Tacos With Tropical Fruit Salsa

“We loved the jerk seasoning on the grilled fish for such an easy weeknight dinner! The salsa was especially delicious, so fresh and zingy.”

-Izy Hossack

Grilled Scallops & Mushrooms in Foil Packets

"Oh my, hubby and I were very happy with this recipe! Every bite just got better and better. We both agreed this was a keeper dish and one we would love to make for company.”


Old Bay Shrimp Boil

“This was very good! The recipe halves easily for a family of four.”

-Rochelle T.

Halibut Onion Crunch

"This truly deserves the highest rating possible! Such an easy recipe to prepare and the flavor was out of this world. We eat a lot of fish, and my husband declared this is the best halibut he has ever had."

-Mary JPGR

Seafood Chowder

"I made this recipe tonight for my family. They loved it! It was so easy and simple - and I loved that I had most of the ingredients on hand.”



“A great recipe! I add diced tomatoes and avocado. A refreshing summer dish, and always a hit when we go to the beach.”

-El Jopo

Grilled Shrimp

"This is awesome! Both the adults and kids loved them.”


Ligurian Buridda

“This buridda tasted just like the one my grandmother made! If I closed my eyes, I’d be back in Italy in her kitchen!”


Basil Shrimp with Feta & Orzo

“Great flavors! The orzo soaked up the lemon juice and olive oil, along with the extra shrimp juices. The feta added another pleasant-tasting element. It served four people well!”


Muffin-Tin Crab Cakes

“These were excellent! I loved the fact that they’re not fried. I cut the recipe in half and made six little cakes.”


Baked Halibut

"I have made this 4 times and it is one of my all-time favorite fish recipes! It is so easy and comes out perfect every time. Wouldn't change a thing."


Lobster Rolls

“This was so easy to make and so delicious! I love seafood and have never had a lobster roll. I’m a huge fan!”

-Valerie L.

Seafood Pasta Salad

“I prepare this recipe once a month or so! Everyone I serve it to loves it. Delicious!”


Fish Tacos

"These are fantastic and satisfying, yet still light and fresh. I love a recipe that has great balance, and this has a great combination of fatty, crunchy goodness.”

-Probably This

Baccala Soup

“This recipe was my mother's. It was and still is served every Christmas Eve in our home!”


Lobster Mac & Cheese

“This was delicious! My daughters can be choosy but they loved it. I was impressed that the flavor of the lobster was rich and evident throughout. Two thumbs up!”

-Raymond B.

Shrimp & Coconut Curry With Green Beans

"My husband gave this recipe 12 out of 10 stars, and I have to agree! It’s excellent- I would say restaurant-quality.”


Cajun Catfish

“We really liked this recipe, very spicy! Quite delicious served with hush puppies and sliced tomatoes.”

-Rev. Roy

Tuna Melt Sandwich

"I've made this recipe so many times, we love this sandwich! Whether you've cooked for 20 years or 20 days, this easy recipe will leave you with a smile on your face!”


Seafood Gumbo

"This seafood gumbo is awesome! I cooked the roux until it was a nice caramel color. The crab boil entices you with its smell and gives such incredible flavor.”


Crab Pasta Salad

"A superb recipe. Very easy and loved by all! I’ve already made it a number of times. The lemon gives it a great taste!”


Cod With Spiced Red Lentils

“We really loved this dish. Very easy to prepare, as it is a one-pot meal. We served it with white rice.”


Baked Salmon

“It can’t get any easier than this. So easy to make, and clean up is easy as well! This is a keeper.”


Spanish Seafood Paella

“Looking for a traditional Spanish recipe? Without a doubt, the best-known is going to be the prodigious paella. A tasty, adaptable and gregarious dish famed throughout Spain.”


Flounder With Bananas, Almonds & Rum

"I really enjoyed this recipe. Quick, easy to prepare and the flavors are great. I'm glad I stepped into the wild side and tried this recipe, it was like dessert for dinner!”


Cajun Seafood Pasta

"This is definitely the best and the easiest Alfredo sauce ever! It tastes like restaurant-quality.”


New England Clam Chowder

“I must say, this chowder recipe is delicious! It’s a faster way to make it, yet the taste is just like the longer version.”


Sesame Shrimp

“A delicious recipe for copycat takeout. My family enjoyed this a lot. A great meal! Especially when paired with soba noodles.”


Butterflied Lobster Tails

“I’m a lobster lover and let me tell you, this marinade is incredible! I didn’t even need extra butter on the side.”


White Bean & Tuna Salad

“I loved it! Very easy and tasty. I sprinkled some harissa seasoning on top with pieces of avocado.”


Steamed Snow Crab Legs

“I’m not a fan of cold crab legs served over ice, so I was excited to try this recipe at home! They're so simple but so good!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Tilapia Parmesan

“This was by far the best recipe I’ve ever used for tilapia. My family, who doesn’t like fish very much, ate everything!”


Oven-Baked Cod

"I really liked this recipe. So easy, and so healthy. Nothing fancy, just good solid nutrition and a great way to bake cod!”

-Naomi Up North

Jumbo Shrimp Parmesan

“I’ve made this recipe numerous times. It always turns out the same - absolutely delicious!”


Rocket Lobster Rolls

Northeastern-style lobster and shrimp roll, served on buttery brioche, topped with an Asian ginger chow mein slaw and spicy sriracha mayo drizzle.

Crab Rangoon

“These crab Rangoons were so addicting! The combination of crunch with the creamy center was so good. I thought frying them would be intimidating, but that was actually the fun part.”


Halibut With Fresh Tomato Sauce

"This is the most excellent dish! The tomato sauce reminds me of bruschetta and it goes so well with the smokiness of the fish that we grilled.”


Halibut With Garlic Mayonnaise-Parmesan Topping

"This halibut recipe is really incredible! I did not have any lemons on hand, but had lots of limes. I used the lime to replace all the lemon in this recipe. It adds a new dimension of flavor! It is really, really very tasty."

-Bev I Am

Almond-Crusted Cod With Apricot Chutney

“The perfect meal when stress levels go over the top!”

-Turner Broadcasting

Seafood Enchiladas

“I made this recipe for my wife’s birthday tonight. I used white wine and it was spot on! Fantastic.”

-Roy D.

Crab & Artichoke Dip

“I took this to my book group last night and it got much better reviews than the book of the month! We had it with grilled french bread slices rubbed with garlic. Wonderful! I've already made plans to take this to several gatherings this summer.”


Tilapia Al Ajillo

“Fast, easy and delicious! We served it with lemon Brussel sprouts.”

-kelly in TO

Pan-Fried Snapper Fillet With Fresh Grape Salsa

“A delectable recipe that makes for a wonderful lunch or dinner. If you’ve not tried snapper before, you’re in for a real treat.”


Shrimp Ceviche With Avocado

“An excellent salad! I used shrimp and scallops. Refreshing and light. I used it as a nice starter dish.”


Parmesan-Herb Baked Flounder

“Fast, easy and yummy. I added a small minced poblano to the chopped green onion and it was smokin’!”


Smoked Oyster Appetizers

“These took my husband to his happy place! They couldn’t be more simple. These will be making an appearance at all events that I host!”


Maryland Crab Cakes

“A great recipe! We’ve now replaced our old crab cake recipe with this one. I served it to our neighbors and they said it was the best.”

-Betty C.

Lemon Baked Cod

“An excellent recipe! I’ll be making this all the time now. It tastes like a lobster dish!”

-Suzanne R.

Southern Fried Salmon Patties

“This is one of the easiest salmon recipes I’ve ever tried! They turned out amazing. They’d make great patties for salmon burgers.”

-Jonathan Melendez

Scallion Crab Quiche

“This was excellent! I made it with imitation crab, but I think it would be better with the real thing. A great way to impress the bridge ladies.”


Microwave Salmon Fillets

“A heart healthy dinner! The salmon was perfect in three minutes.”


Spicy Baked Cod

“I had a lovely cut of cod in the freezer and this was a perfect way to use it. This is, as promised, spicy but not too strong. It came out beautiful!”


Rosy Crab Soup from the Farm

“I made this as the recipe states. It was very good! I made it in 15 minutes. Very tasty, I ate it with crusty rolls.”


Grilled Shrimp

"This was our lunch today and it was so good. The combination of flavors in the marinade was excellent. A big thumbs up from my family."


Smoked Salmon Spread

“We had unexpected company and had the smoked salmon in the fridge. Very nice and enjoyed by everyone. I enjoyed how easy it was to make!”

-Bonnie G 2

Lobster Salad Supreme

“So refreshing and so good! Salads don’t taste any better than this one, if you’re a lobster lover like I am!”

-Chef Charlee

Salmon & Asparagus in Foil

"This recipe changed the way I think about cooking fish. It also got me and my boyfriend eating asparagus! I make this at least every other week.”

-Chef ChelseaBuns

Simple Saute Scallops

“These were just plain yummy! I served mine over some angel hair pasta.”


Grilled Crab Legs

“Wonderful! We grilled them for three minutes on each side. The crab was flavorful enough without any dipping sauce.”


4-Minute Spicy Garlic Shrimp

"This recipe is amazing! It won over my picky family. We've actually had it twice this week by my husband's request!”


The Ultimate Salmon Fillets

“The creamy sauce is genius! I love the taste of dill in it. I served mine with asparagus and white rice.”


Shrimp Fried Rice

“This is absolutely the best I’ve ever eaten. My family and friends love it. My grandkids and I make it together, so it’s quite easy.”

-Charlotte in North

Cajun-Styled Grilled Catfish

“We have a winner here! After searching over 25 grilled catfish recipes, I found this one and it’s outstanding.”


Maple-Glazed Salmon

“This is delicious! The glaze really adheres to the salmon. The green onions and almonds are a nice touch.”


Evacuation Tuna & Pasta Salad

“A very good salad! I usually make my tuna pasta like this, but I’ve never added eggs or paprika before. Excellent!”


Honey Ginger Grilled Salmon

"My wife has been craving fish, so I made this recipe for her and she loved it. It turned out great! The marinade complimented it well."

-Rick Bertrand

Bang Bang Shrimp

“I’ve made this numerous times. We add sriracha sauce for heat. A tiny touch of peanut butter in the sauce really adds to the flavor! A great recipe.”

-Russell W.

Tuna Quesadilla

“This couldn’t be easier! I’m a sucker for anything with salsa and this did not disappoint.”


Seared Salmon With Balsamic Glaze

“My favorite salmon recipe! My boyfriend never liked salmon until I tried this recipe. I put this into the weekly rotation.”


Fried Scallops for Four

"I had company over and we all loved them! I added some lemon right before eating, and they were awesome."


Grilled Lemon Salmon

“This was fantastic! We served it with some pineapple rice and fresh green beans. This was a very satisfying meal."


Crab Cakes

“The best crab cakes ever. I love that they’re broiled, not fried or baked. The second time around I used cracker crumbs instead of bread crumbs.”


Parmesan-Crusted Salmon

"This was delicious! The mayo gave the salmon a lovely taste, and the topping had a great crunch to it."


Grilled Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

"I made this for an office lunch, and this one was my favorite out of the four styles of shrimp that I made. Everything is better with bacon."

-Mr Jackson

Oven-Baked Sea Bass

"This sea bass was amazing. It was pronounced by my partner as a restaurant-quality meal and one of the best either of us have made this year."

-Maura D.

Baja Chipotle Fish Tacos

“Great tacos that were very easy. I cooked mine in a pan with the sauce, and served it with a Mexican kale salad!”

-adopt a greyhound

Cajun-Spiced Tilapia

"This was really good! I added a bit more cayenne, but the spices were spot-on. I’ll be making this again.”


Baked Mahi Mahi

"Incredibly tender and never dry, every time. I shared this with my parents and it's their favorite mahi mahi recipe.”


Grilled Fish in Foil

"Easy to make and tastes great. I’m always looking for an easy way to prepare a healthy meal. This one fits my needs and my family's tastes!”


Long John Silver's Fish Batter

"This batter was excellent! A must-try the next time you want something fried with a very crisp, not too thick coating.”


Crumbed Calamari

“These were great! They came out a nice light brown color, and the calamari remained beautifully tender.”

-Peter J.

Lobster Salad Cocktail

“I made this for my family's New Years Eve party and got nothing but praise. I’ll definitely make this again!"

-Chef Izzms

Beer-Battered Fish

"Super simple and super good. Instead of flour, I used tempura flour and tilapia for the fish. So good, my family is already asking for a repeat!”

-Bonnie G 2

Tilapia Fish Tacos

“I’ve made this five times now! Tonight we tried it on a toasty hard tortilla. It changed everything!”

-Monica R.

Grilled Tuna Steak

“A great excuse to pop out and restock on Old Bay! A tasty marinade and an easy breezy recipe. Delicious and healthy!”

-Sarah S.

Shrimp in Coconut-Caramel Sauce

It’s nice to change things up! This recipe is unique in flavor and completely coated with sauce for each and every bite.

Tuna Machaca

A crispy-edged tuna that imitates pork carnitas! The poblano peppers provide a depth of flavors, and the tomatoes not only add a pop of color but a fresh bite.

Mediterranean Scallops

“A nice, simple fare with a great taste. I threw in a splash of white wine at the end and served it over whole wheat linguine with a grate of parmigiana reggiano on top.”


Maine Seafood Stuffing

“This is definitely a holiday treat. The fresh seafood flavors were great. I baked it and served it straight from the casserole dish!”