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Top 100 Party Recipes

Entertaining is stressful enough, the food should be the fun part! From crowd-pleasing eats to signature cocktails, these recipes are sure to get the party started.

Maple & Garlic Cheese Ball

"I loved the simplicity of this recipe. I had no trouble with the mix. I used butter and full-fat cream cheese. I didn't have any pecans on hand, so used a packet of chopped nuts from the supermarket which I always have in the pantry.”

-Jen T

House Hufflepuff Banana Cream Tarts

“Tap into your magical cookery talents with this creamy banana tart. A touch of chocolate and a sprig of mint really bring the flavors down to earth.”

-Arlyn Osborne

Gin Rocket

“This spin on the gimlet is no exception: shaking shaved fennel and muddled arugula into the drink gives it an anise and pepper flavor that's ideal for serving with seafood or light pasta dishes.”

-Maggie Hoffman

Southern Deviled Eggs

“I love this recipe! I used one to two teaspoons of horseradish instead of Worcestershire sauce, which gave them a little bite. My hubby loved them!”

-Linda C.

Mango Fruit Salad

“This is amazingly good! I was skeptical at first since the ingredients seemed like an odd pairing, but the whole family loved it! It will become a regular on our table!”


Curry Leaf Popcorn Chicken

A twist on your average popcorn chicken. A tip to the perfect breading: shake the chicken with the breading in a resealable plastic bag!

Ham Salad Finger Rolls

"We just had a shower for a friend at work and I made these finger rolls. Everyone loved them and went back for seconds and thirds. Good thing I tripled the recipe!”


Shrimp Wonton Cups

“I made this as a dip and served it with wonton chips. My supervisor had been looking for this recipe for years. I doubled the recipe, but could’ve easily tripled it and not had any leftover!”


Nacho Dip for a Crowd

"So good! I love the gooey melty version of a seven layer dip."


Scrumptious Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes

“I sell these at the Farmer's Market and they’re the most popular! Once people try them, they love them. I’ve been requested to bring them every week.”

-I Am Baked

Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread

"I was amazed at how easy this was to put together. I hadn’t had a savory monkey bread before so this was new for me, and now I keep thinking about all the possibilities of different types to make! The ranch dressing on top acted almost like a savory frosting and I sprinkled on some fresh chives and parsley to make it look even better."

-Izy Hossack

Smoked Sausage & Pepper Sandwiches

“This is a very good sandwich, the sauce is delicious! I also added some cheese to it to melt. I used Swiss, but provolone would be good too! This is very saucey and would be great served over rice! It’s a favorite for us.”


Sloppy Joe Sliders

“A great sloppy Joe recipe. The barbecue sauce adds just a touch of sweetness, but isn’t overly sweet like a lot of others. I made this as regular-sized sloppy joes, but I’m looking forward to making them as sliders in the future.”

-Ginny Sue

Creme Brulee Sheet Cake

A mash-up of two classic dessert favorites. A cake so fluffy, with a hard shell of sugar on top to crack with the back of a spoon!

Spicy Sausage Wonton Appetizer

“Very easy, and such a big hit! If you end up with leftovers, they won’t last long! I made this several times, it’s definitely a keeper. The only change I made was using medium cheddar instead of jack cheese.”


Tomato & Basil Bruschetta

“A nice and easy recipe. This has great flavor and eye appeal. It was easy to put together and bake, with a nice variety of flavors and textures.”

-Miss Annie

Neapolitan Refrigerator Sheet Cake

“I made this last week as a birthday cake for my daughter, and it’s a keeper! I think cooling the cake for longer than 30 minutes makes it easier to poke the holes and fill. All in all a delicious recipe, I’ll definitely make it again!”


Cheese Bites

“I made these for a big group and they were very popular! I split the recipe in half and there was plenty for everyone. Though I was initially skeptical of the olives, they turned out really well! The second time I made them I quadrupled the cayenne pepper and they were nice and spicy. I also tried them with jalapeños, which were good as well.”


Salmon Croquettes

"These croquettes were just delicious, and the directions were clear and easy to follow. They fried to a delicate crispness. We dipped them in seafood sauce and had a wonderful meal!”


Oreo Balls

“These are delicious. I added some gold glitter and wafer flowers!”

-Kerri B.

Aperol Spritz

“I’ve had spritz's with olives before and so I've been garnishing with them ever since!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Red Pepper Dip

"This was very good. I used real cream cheese and a blender set on puree. It’s much better after letting it sit in the fridge for a few hours so the flavors can set. A great taste!”


Creamy Spaghetti Pie

“We've tried a few spaghetti pies before, but none as good as this! I love the creamy layer, it really adds something special. It tasted great and was the perfect weeknight meal!”


Quick & Easy Chicken Satay

“Fast and easy to make! I served this over rice with crusty bread alongside. It was enjoyed by all.”

-Jen T.

Chicken Roll-Ups

"I really liked this. It was easy to make and stayed moist. I think next time I’ll add ground mustard to the mix. I put the rest in the freezer for later! "


Fresh Fig, Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Gourmet Pizza

"Delicious and simple! I used thin crust with the cranberry goat cheese. I thought it might be too sweet, but the rosemary and onions balanced it well. So yummy!"


Popcorn Cookies

“So good, I can’t wait to try them with candy corn next Halloween! Such beautiful white cookies, suitable for holiday gift giving. Mine baked perfectly in 11 minutes.”


Buffalo Chicken Dip

“I made this for guys night along with a few other appetizers, and this was the clear winner!”

-Lisa S.

Kir Royale

"This is a lovely drink. It’s the first drink my now husband of 39 years ever bought me. This was in 1976 so it is an old recipe - and still a good one."


Sausage Balls

“I made this, and I add a bit of fresh rosemary chopped finely. They’re always a hit! I’ve sometimes made them with hot Italian sausage as well, yum!”

-Joy C.

Ham & Cheese Twists

“I used store-bought frozen bread dough that I thawed and cut into pieces and shaped as directed. It was super easy and I'll definitely make it again!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Cannoli Sheetcake

This cake is easy, cheesy and is a sure crowd-pleaser.

Kahlua Mudslide

“Delicious and easy to make with liquors that most people have on hand. Mine looked just like the photo, and went down very easily!”


Pumpkin Gingerbread Trifle

"This was a huge hit at Thanksgiving. I made all of the components the night before, refrigerated them overnight and put the trifle together in the morning. I will definitely make this again."


Easy Bacon-Wrapped Dates

“This is a sweet and salty treat! The idea to partially cook the bacon is very helpful. I cut my bacon smaller so it only wraps around the date once, allowing it to cook all the way through. These are always a hit!”


Sizzling Spanish Garlic Prawns

"I don't think I'm ever going to order shrimp in garlic sauce at a restaurant again. I can't imagine it being more delicious than this one.”


Stuffed Mushrooms With Roasted Red Peppers & Manchego Cheese

"Between the green of the parsley and the red of the roasted red peppers, this would make a perfect appetizer for a Christmas party! However, we brought it to a New Year's Eve party and it was the first thing to disappear! A definite crowd pleaser."


Cinnamon Apple Popcorn

“A great munchie for fall or winter. The kids will love it for their Halloween party!”


Gourmet Pesto Pizza

“This is a bit more grown-up than your average pizza. I don’t measure all of the toppings, I just use up as much as I want!”

-Kitchen Kozy

Lasagna Dip

This next-level game day appetizer features a cheesy sausage-and-tomato dip with fried lasagna noodle chips

Melting Pot's Green Goddess Dip

“Delicious and very addictive! I softened the cream cheese to room temp, then blended it with the sour cream and only 2 tablespoons milk. This made it the perfect dipping consistency. I also added 1/2 teaspoon dried tarragon. A great blend of flavors and perfect for a crudités platter!”


Best-Ever Bloody Mary

“This is genius! I don’t do celery so I struggled to find a great recipe, but this one is hands down the best!”


Mexican Rice Balls

“I made these for my boyfriend one night and he couldn’t get enough. Very tasty!”


Baked Pot Stickers

“Yum, I really liked baking these - less oily and time consuming than frying them. Very crispy and satisfying. The flavors were spot-on and we enjoyed the jalapeño jelly!”


Vanilla Birthday Cake & Frosting

“This is one of the best homemade from scratch vanilla cakes I've ever made. It's my new go-to cake recipe!”

-Jonathan Melendez


"This was so simple to make. A hint to get the most juice from your lemons is to roll them on the counter and squeeze. I also cut up two limes and add them to the pitcher of lemonade. A fantastic drink, very refreshing."

-Audrey M

Tangy Delicious Guacamole

“I used a giant avocado. They’re a large variety but taste just as great as the smaller size! I loved the extra pizzazz that the jalapeño lends to this recipe. Easy and yummy!”

-crystal c.

Chocolate Pizza

“Yum! This was a really fun Saturday night kids activity. The pizza is delicious. It’s chocolate and dough, so you cant go wrong! I really liked the crunch from the hazelnuts. I’m saving this one for sure!”


Bacon Bourbon Caramel Popcorn

"Any time a recipe starts with two cubes of butter I know it's going to be good, and this is even better than good! It's buttery, savory, sweet and crunchy. Debating whether I want to share this at work or just hog it all for myself."


Lollipop Flower Pots

“Very cute and a big hit at my daughter's birthday party. I would highly recommend using muffin tin liners to ease the removal of the ‘pots.’”



“This recipe is amazing! I only waiting four hours before I made them and it was perfectly fine. It’s pretty sticky, but it’s still very easy to roll out.”


Honey-Glazed & Fried Manchego Cheese

“So tempting to have it in just one sitting! I love cheese, and this makes me love cheese even more!”


Coconut Shrimp Pizza

"I made this for my two roommates and myself and it was a big hit. The flavor of the scallions and chiles went great with the shrimp. I was worried that they'd be too sweet or tough from the extra cooking, but they were terrific.”

-Karl M.

Roasted Garlic Cheese Spread

“There isn’t much more you can expect from roasted garlic and cheese, except brilliance. I have to go make more now as I know in this house it won’t last long!”


Whiskey Old Fashioned

“This was super easy and quick to put together. I loved how fruity this drink was! I made two batches, and I’m glad I did!”


Italian Meatballs

“I made a double batch of these meatballs and froze them for later! They are delicious with store-bought pasta sauce on spaghetti or even in subs!”

-Jonathan Melendez

Middle Eastern Tahini & Yogurt Appetizer

“I love middle eastern appetizers, and this tahini and yogurt one is not an exception. I enjoyed it with veggies and pita, and will definitely make it again for my friends.”


Pumpkin Pecan Layer Cake

"One of the best cakes I've ever had! Extremely moist, and the perfect amount of sweetness. Highly recommended!”


Jello Shots

“I made orange and grape flavors for a Clemson tailgate and they were a huge hit! I am on the list from now on to make jello shots. I used Pinnacle Whip Cream Vodka.”

-Kathy M.

Baked Mac & Cheese Balls

“This traditionally fried appetizer is now a bit healthier for you in this deliciously baked version! These are great served with marinara sauce for dipping. Keep in mind that the prep time does not include the overnight chilling of the mac and cheese.”


Harry Potter Butter Beer

“This is amazing! The ginger beer and cream soda combination is great alone, but the swirl of butterscotch and the dollop of cream is heavenly!”


The Original Chex Party Mix

“This is exactly the same recipe my grandmother used, except for the pita chips. It’s fantastic!”


Mojito Shrimp Taco Cups

"I made them just as directed and they turned out great! The salsa in the middle would be great with chips as well!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Cheese Ball

“This is really good, everyone loved it! You won’t be sorry you made it, the cheese and onion flavor is so yummy.”

-Jersey coffee

Hawaiian Pizza Dip

You might have opinions as to whether pineapple and ham belong on a pizza, but you can't deny that they belong in this dip, which is filled with cheese and bacon. Serve it up with pizza scoops.

Patatas Bravas

“I was quite cautious with the heat on this and ended up having to add more chili, so don't be afraid as it needs the heat. I really liked being able to roast the potatoes rather than frying them.”



“So flavorful, and so much fun! I’m from New Orleans, and your variation on the classic is a pleasant and tasty departure. The kids love the sitting party!”


Fancy Cosmopolitan

“The ingredient and proportions are just perfect. Highly recommend using fresh lime juice. Delish!”


Spinach Balls

"Very good, very easy and eagerly devoured by all of my guests! My only change would be to double the amount of the sauce, since everyone loved the flavor and wished there was more of it."


Potato Skins

“Oh my goodness, these are amazing! Crisp, flavorful and the perfect appetizer. I couldn’t stop eating these.”


Cheese Plate Kebabs

“My mom had millions of variations on this same theme. Always a crowd pleaser no matter what you use, plus the presentation can be so pretty! For your lactose intollerant buddies, I just do meat and veggie versions. Spring and Summer are perfect for different fruit kabobs as well.”

-Naomie In Castaic

Cheesy Fried Chicken Parm Balls

“A simple homemade chicken nugget is stuffed with mozzarella cheese and fried to crisp perfection. Don’t forget to dunk it generously in marinara sauce.”

-Arlyn Osborne

Raspberry-Lime Iced Tea

“A refreshing alternative to regular iced tea.”

-A.M. Collins

Pizza Bouquet

You might have seen this technique used before with apples... but we all know everything is better with pizza. Turn your dough, sauce, cheese and pepperoni into a beautiful bouquet.

Slinky the Snake

“This is such a cute Idea for Halloween or a reptile-themed birthday party. I made one for Halloween!”


Creamy & Crunchy Egg Salad

“I might be a little biased since I love dill and celery in my egg salad, but hands down this is one of the best recipes out there!”


Triple Berry Apple Hand Pie

"Yum, yum and more yum! Great for parties, and can be made a day ahead."

-Naomie In Castaic

Strawberries With Cannoli Cream

“I served this dessert to my gal pals in an oversized martini glass over chopped ripe mangoes. This is the most delightful and elegant dish.”


Tofu "alfredo" Sauce

“Yummy, creamy and so easy to make. I added a bit of hot sauce and I was in heaven. No more craving macaroni and cheese or Alfredo now that I can make this.”


Gin & Tonic

"Such a refreshing cocktail. I’ll make this for my mom when she comes to visit me next time, it is one of her favorites."


Buffalo Chicken Cheese Balls With Blue Cheese Dip

“These were a real hit at a Super Bowl party! Great flavor.”


Sun-Dried Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Rice Balls

“I enjoyed these yummy meatless treats! Use wet hands when forming the balls to prevent sticking. I added oregano and parsley to the sauce.”


Long Island Iced Tea

"Second only to the margarita, this is a favorite drink of mine. It’s smooth and tastes like a lemony glass of iced tea. Watch out, it really sneaks up on you!”


Cheesy Artichoke Chicken Balls

"A great appetizer or snack! I used Greek yogurt cream cheese to make me feel a bit better and make them slightly healthier. Loved them!"

-Jonathan Melendez

Tomatillo Guacamole

Kick up your average guacamole by adding tomatillos, fresh cilantro and some spicy jalapeño peppers!

Chicken Phyllo Mini Tarts

“I ran out of phyllo half way through and had to improvise with wonton wrappers. We actually liked those a bit more! The filling was fantastic though - you could practically eat that on its own!"

-Adopted Parisian

Double Cheese Pita Pizzas

A mediterranean version of taco tapas! Turkey sausage for protein, spinach for color and a crunch of red onion makes these snack-sized pizzas perfect for entertaining!

Green Olive Tapenade

“Really bold flavors and excellent served with crusty bread! I used a teaspoon of anchovy paste instead of the minced anchovy. I also used garlic-infused oil, which gives the flavor of garlic, but isn't so overpowering. If you love olives, this is the recipe for you!”



“My husband says this is yum! He adds two splashes of bitters because he likes it. He also serves his over the rocks.”


White Bean, Rosemary & Garlic Spread

“This is a winner! So easy to throw together, and the taste is amazing. I’m going to make veggie sandwiches for the lunchbox tomorrow and I plan to spread this on thinly.”

-Wish I Could Cook

Strawberry Daiquiri

“What a yummy, easy recipe! I froze my fresh strawberries first so I didn't have to use quite as much ice. What a great summer drink, love it!”


Pork Cutlet Parmigiana

"I have made this for many years with pork, veal and lamb. All three are delicious! The only difference is I use seasoned Italian bread crumbs, and there’s no need for the Italian seasoning. A great recipe, and easy to make."


Marinated Shrimp Canapes

"Very pretty and tasty! I recommend using a good quality sour cream that is nice and thick. I used a generic brand and it turned out to be too thin and ran off the shrimp. I topped each canape with a little sprig of fresh dill."


Jalapeno Poppers

“I tripled the recipe for a small gathering to watch football last weekend. My only complaint was that they quickly disappeared. I'll need to make a larger batch next time. Great tasting recipe.”


Grape Jelly & Chili Sauce Meatballs

”I’ve been making these for years for all of our parties and gatherings. Very easy to make, and such a huge hit!”


Puff Pastry Canapes

A budget-friendly, simple and quick appetizer to throw together for easy entertaining!

Bacon Wrapped Scallops

“Delicious and beautiful! I made this as written with the addition of a sprinkling of parsley on top.”


Chinese Pot Stickers

“I switched out the pork and shrimp for chicken, and it was delicious! This recipe is amazing, and if you want them more crispy, skip the cooking with broth and brown them on all sides. Love these potstickers!”


Chicken Garlic Bites

"I served these at an appetizer party I hosted. I decided to triple the recipe which was a very good move, they didn't last long at all. The chicken was so flavorful and tender.”


Cheesy Shell Taco Bites

“What a great idea! I was just about to make tacos for lunch when I saw this, I’m such a sucker for cheese. What could be better? I just wish I’d made more.”