45 Thanksgiving Potluck Dishes

No holiday is more appropriate for a potluck than the one that celebrates feasting. Check out these crowd-pleasing finger foods, casseroles and desserts that we picked with sharing in mind.

Pecan Pie Bars

"This is a crowd favorite, even for those who don't like pecans!"

-gina shapiro

Green Bean Casserole

"This is the recipe I go to when making green bean casserole, except I add a couple of dashes of soy sauce. The addition of that makes all the difference."


Onion Tart

"This is a great dinner party appetizer. The tart has a wonderful blend of flavors, especially from the glazed onions."

-Bonnie G

Sweet Potato Casserole

"Excellent for those of us with a sweet tooth! So easy to make. Sometimes I make it with the pecans, sometimes with mini marshmallows and sometimes 'au natural!'"


Caramelized Onion & Cranberry Bites

"This is addictive stuff! The cranberries made it unique, and it would work well as a sandwich spread too."


Gluten-Free NYC Cheesecake

"This cheesecake is absolutely amazing. It is so light and fluffy, and bakes up beautifully. I added a graham cracker crust to mine because my family prefers their cheesecakes that way."

-Sugar Fairy

Easy Snickers Bar Pie

"All of my guests thought this pie was a major winner. I used chunky peanut butter and drizzled chocolate sauce over each slice."


Libby's Famous Pumpkin Pie

"I have been making this pie for over 40 years. It can't be beat. Others just don't taste right. Baking the pie in a glass or stoneware pie pan helps keep your crust from being soggy on the bottom."

-Donna M.

Roasted Broccoli & Smoked Gouda Tart

"I loved how the roasted broccoli tasted with the smoky gouda. This was a great way to play around with puff pastry as well."

-Cooking Creation

Copycat Dinner Rolls

"These are the best homemade rolls I've ever had. They have great flavor and texture. My family and guests devoured them all."

-Dine & Dish

Curried Cauliflower Casserole

"I just love curry with cauliflower, so it's no surprise that I loved this recipe. Another plus? It's very easy to make, too."


Potato Casserole

"My family loves this recipe. With extra cheese and French fried onions on top, it's a great comfort food."


Cheesecake Cookie Cups

"These mini cheesecakes were so good, I didn't even get to try one! My guests loved them so much, they devoured them before I had the chance."


Roasted Ratatouille

"This is the best ratatouille recipe I've ever come across. I love how all the vegetables retain their texture and individual flavors instead of turning into one giant stew."


Banana Pudding Cake

"This was a great, light cake packed with a lot of banana flavor. I drizzled a cream cheese frosting on top before serving."


Easy Cheesecake

"This is one of the easiest cheesecake recipes I've ever tried. I topped mine with cherry pie filling and it was delicious."

-Lisaann C.

Butter Bean, Bacon & Thyme Cassoulet

"This was delicious and made the kitchen smell lovely while it cooked. Everyone loved it."


Chocolate Carrot Cake Roll

They see me rollin'.

Gooey Brownies

"I make this recipe whenever my family wants a simple sweet treat. Each time it turns out just as delicious as the last."

-Vanessa S.

Caprese Salad

"I loved the fresh taste of this salad. I added balsamic vinegar to make it a bit tangier, and it was perfect."


Baked Brie with Caramelized Pecans

"This excellent recipe is so simple to make. The sweetness of the pecans and brown sugar really enhances the flavor of the cheese."


Frozen Yogurt-Covered Strawberries

"This light bite is refreshing and tasty. I'd recommend using Greek yogurt if you prefer a thicker dip."


Broccoli & Cranberry Holiday Slaw

"I loved the cranberries and pistachios in this slaw. It's a great holiday side dish."


Mini Apple Pies

"I actually served these little pies as an appetizer. They were so delicious."


Oreo Cookie Dessert

"From the winter holidays to summer cookouts, this easy, no-bake dessert works great for any time of year."


Cranberry Chutney & Cheese Snacks

"Aside from their great taste, these are easy to make and versatile. They work well as a finger food or as part of a cheese and fruit platter."


Cranberry-Orange Salad

"This is such a great holiday dish. It's perfect for sharing and for anyone who isn't crazy about traditional cranberry sauce."

-Sydney Mike

Oven-Roasted Vegetables

"The best roasted vegetables ever! The high temperature gave them a beautiful color and the balsamic added tons of flavor."


Broccoli, Rice & Cheese Casserole

"My son loved broccoli casserole growing up, and he asked me to make it for Thanksgiving. It brought back so many delicious memories and everyone loved it."


Copycat Boston Market Squash Casserole

"I loved the grainy texture from the cornbread. Don't leave out the thyme—it's what makes the dish."

-Mrs. Flanagan

Green Bean Casserole

"This was such an easy and elegant side dish. I especially liked the flavors from the sour cream and Swiss cheese blend."

-Miss Annie

Raspberry Shortbread Cookies with Almond Glaze

"This was an absolute hit with our guests. The cookie was soft and buttery, and had a good light crisp on the outside."


Mac & Cheese with Tomatoes

"This recipe is a keeper. I really liked the taste of the sour cream with the stewed tomatoes."


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

"This is a wonderful variation of classic hummus. No matter how much garlic you add, the dip will be packed with flavor."


Pesto Tomato Toast

"It doesn't get any better or easier than this. Using a homemade pesto is a must."


Quinoa Caprese

"I've been looking for more ways to cook with quinoa and this recipe was so much fun."


Simple Scallops with Dipping Sauce

"These are tasty and look gorgeous. I made them as a starter and they were just perfect."

-The Flying Chef

Cranberry Bruschetta

"This is a great way to incorporate a Thanksgiving staple into a company-worthy dish. The flavors blend together perfectly."


Cheesecake with Blueberry Glaze

"This is a great recipe. The whole blueberries made for such a wonderful glaze."


Buttered Green Beans & Carrot Sticks

"This is such a simple and delicious side dish. The combination of sliced almonds with olive oil and butter adds a nice, toasty flavor."


Muffin-Tin Crab Cakes

"These were excellent. I love the fact that you don't have to fry them because it really cuts back on that grease."


Slow-Cooker Creamed Corn

"I love the fact that I could make this in my Crock Pot. Use as much or as little cream cheese as you like, it tastes great either way!"


Baked Butternut Squash Pudding

"This recipe was a hit at my party."

-Mizz Cat

Roasted Harvest Vegetables in a Baked Pumpkin

"I made this dish for Thanksgiving and it was a huge hit!"

-Andi the grate

Sweet Cornbread

"This is everything I've ever wanted in cornbread! So good you can eat it plain for dessert."