29 New Takes on Cranberries

If you're all too familiar with canned cranberries, it's time to switch it up with these inventive (read: game-changing) cranberry-filled recipes and sides. Then, check out all of our favorite side dishes for Thanksgiving.

Cranberry Brie Bites

"When you taste a bite of this brie, it has the ability to make your eyes roll to the back of your head! It is absolutely one of the best party appetizers EVER!"

-Creative Kelly

Cranberry Wild Rice Pilaf

"What a GREAT recipe. Perfect accompaniment to a wintry meal; earthy, nutty, spicy with a hint of sweetness from the fruit."

-Pedro Porro

Cranberry Glazed Meatballs

"I put these out as part of my pre-Thanksgiving appetizer spread. The cranberries are a fun twist and everyone who tried them enjoyed them."

-Outnumbered By Peanuts

Cranberry Butter

"Delicious over toast! So pretty, too."


Cranberry Salsa

"Awesome dip. I made this on Thanksgiving and it is great!!"

-Mommy of Boys

Cranberry Bread

"Wonderful cranberry bread — an absolute keeper and part of my permanent collection."

-Baker Barb

Cranberry Wobbler

"This is the best cranberry salad I have ever made! Definitely a keeper!"


Cranberry Cream Cheese Appetizer

"Everyone at Thanksgiving dinner enjoyed this. It's a keeper."


Cranberry Maple Carrots

"Wonderful vegetable side! The aroma when you add the syrup, ginger and rosemary to the hot carrot mixture is simply divine. What a wonderful addition to our Thanksgiving dinner."

-Donna M.

Quinoa Salad with Cranberries

"What a pleasing use of one of my favorite grains. The flavors on this dish really come together quite well."


Cranberry & Apple-Stuffed Squash

"Delicious! I added a little fresh ginger to give it a touch of spiciness."


Cauliflower Salad

"A very delicious way to eat cauliflower, indeed! Loved the sweet cranberries mixed with the tang of the lemon."


Cranberry, Feta & Walnut Salad

"Wonderful! I served this salad with a turkey dinner and it really complemented the meal."


Waldorf Gelatin Salad

"I'll be making this again a number of times before fresh cranberries are hard to get!"

-Sydney Mike

Cranberry Brie Popovers

"Talk about a festive party table! Easy to make and filled with an amazing combination: brie and cranberry."

-Charlotte J

Cranberry Salad

"Having grown up in the Midwest, I can't help but love fluff salads. This one is no exception — it is fabulous!"

-Delicious as it Looks

Cranberry Apple Muffins

"These were the perfect compromise for my picky little ones and I — not too sweet and not too dry. Made them as a Thanksgiving dessert and they never made it to the table!"


Cranberry Relish

"I whipped this recipe up and it is just LUSCIOUS!"

-Marietta Mary Lou

Dried Cranberries & Squash

"Delicious autumn dish! I would make this recipe again, even as a snack — it's that good."


Cranberry Grilled Cheese

"Excellent sandwich! The cranberries with a touch of horseradish really made this sing for us."


Cranberry Horseradish Sauce

"What a great combination of flavor. My family is going to love this on Thanksgiving day."


Cran-Raspberry Sauce

"Made this for T-day. Loved the raspberries!"


Cranberry Wiener Bites

"Cranberry flavor at its best."

-weekend cooker

Carrot & Cranberry Salad

"This salad was easy, colorful and would make an excellent side."


Candied Sweet Potatoes with Cranberries & Ginger

"This was the hit of the Thanksgiving table. I had two people who don't eat sweet potatoes and they devoured this."


Cabbage, Cranberry & Apple Slaw

"A nice crunchy texture with the crisp apples, and a little bit of chewiness with the cranberries."

-Outta Here

Whipped Carrots with Cranberries

"Oh boy, I loved these carrots! I made just as directed and would not change a thing."


Cranberry Marble Mold

"My family and I enjoyed this as part of a holiday meal today. Its cheerful color and refreshing flavor provide a nice accent to a meal."


Whole-Berry Cranberry Sauce

"I got rave reviews on Thanksgiving when I served this sauce."