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39 Must-Make Tacos & Burritos

Let's taco 'bout these burrito-ful recipes.

Baja Fish Tacos

"Fast and furiously delicious, these tacos are just what I was looking for."


Breakfast Tacos

"A very easy way to satisfy everyone. I put all the different fillings out, and everyone built their own breakfast taco. So yummy!"


Crispy Corn & Beer-Battered Fish Tacos

"Thoroughly enjoyed these with all of the accompaniments."


Taco & Burrito Seasoning

"After trying this once, I'll never go back to store-bought! This is the perfect taco seasoning mix!"


Beef & Bean Burritos

"I loved how easy these were to make and they were so much better then any store-bought burritos."


Molé Sauce

Want to amp up your burrito or enchilada? Try adding some molé—a rich, spiced, chocolatey sauce.

Firecracker Shrimp Tacos

This shrimp recipe will light up taco night.

Tacos with a Twist

"Such a great play on the plain taco meat. The addition of the beer is so different and gives the dish great flavor!"


Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Tacos

"Great marinade! I've found that slow cooker pulled pork is one of the easiest, cheapest and tastiest things you can eat!


Ground Beef Burritos

"We love our burritos made this way. My Mexican hubs says his mother also boils/simmers down ground beef this way, giving the meat a soft, fine texture."

-Janet T

Chicken Burritos

"What a great use of leftover chicken! You can use either canned or fresh ingredients for this versatile recipe. This was probably the best chicken burritos recipe I have ever tried."


Chipotle Lentil Tacos

A hearty vegan taco perfect for spicing up your Meatless Mondays.

Apple Pie Tacos

Apple pie filling stuffed inside a sweet and crispy taco shell.

Ground Beef Tacos

Great flavor and very easy to make! Try squeezing fresh lime over the tacos before serving to further amp up the flavor.

Jackfruit Tacos

A vegetarian spin on carnitas.

Taco Pie

"We topped this pie with the shredded lettuce, tomatoes and sour cream just before serving. It's very filling and so much fun to eat."


Classic Beef Burritos

"I needed something quick, easy and inexpensive, and this meets all of my expectations. It is truly a lifesaver!"

-Shelbyville Cook

Refried Bean Burritos

"I had made fairly plain bean burritos in the past but wanted to make them a little special this time, and the seasonings added a really nice flavor!"


On-the-Go Breakfast Burritos

"Easy to freeze and heat up in the mornings for breakfast on the run. Fast and tasty!"

-janet coleman

Taco Pizza

"My family and I really enjoyed this pizza. It was easy to make, and each one of us individualized our pizzas by adding fresh toppings after it was cooked."


Lime & Cilantro Pork Tacos

"Wow! This was great. It came together very quickly. I used a little more cilantro and we topped the tacos with sour cream. We'll make this one again!"


Carne Asada Tacos

"The onion relish is awesome, and these tacos taste very authentic. The lime and cilantro make it taste so fresh. Awesome flavor!"


Pinto Beans

"It's unanimous, 5-stars! I didn't change the seasonings at all and thought they were perfect."


Chipotle Carnitas

"This is a good carnitas recipe, it worked great in the slow cooker."


Shrimp & Potato Tacos with Cilantro Crema

"What a great dish! The inclusion of potatoes is so clever."


Vegetarian Burritos

"These are the best burritos I've ever made."


Sweet Potato Burritos

"I never would have thought to use kidney beans in a burrito. I always use pinto or black, but I really liked the texture and flavor."

-Lucky in Bayview

Sushi Burrito

Satisfy your sushi craving at home with this trendy dish.

Pulled Pork Burritos

The best of both worlds.

Burrito Bowl Bread Boats

The colorful, tasty fillings that make up a burrito find a new home in a hollowed out hoagie bread roll.

Burrito Bowl Salad Jar

"Great idea and they look pretty as well! My fiancé loved taking these to work instead of his normal boring sandwich!"


Spicy Dry Rub Elk Tacos

"I made this the other night, and it was fantastic. It was a little spicy so if you don't like heat so be sure to watch the cayenne pepper!"


Adobo Beef Tacos With Pickled Red Onions

"I really liked the rub for the steak; it was a nice change from marinating. Very flavorful but not too spicy."


Tomatillo Chicken Tacos

Tomatillos add an acidic bite to these tender chicken tacos.

Mexicali Burritos

"I love this! It's a great filling for burritos or enchiladas, the pork is tender, and the spices are yummy."


Barbacoa Burritos

"Absolutely amazing. Use an extra chipotle or two for even more heat. This is a must-try dish."


Taco Ring

An easy way to make tasty tacos for a crowd.

Easy Mexican Pizza

"Fast, easy and tasty! Just what a working mom loves."

-Tonya M

Thai Pork Tacos

Ginger and chili peppers give these tacos a flavorful kick.