43 Five-Ingredient Super Bowl Appetizers

From meaty and cheesy bites to creamy dips, these five-ingredient appetizers are sure to make your Super Bowl party a win and cut down on your time in the kitchen so you can actually watch the game. Just don't forget to whip something up for dinner!

Bacon Bites Flambe

"Wow! Doing a flambe really enhances this three-ingredient recipe. I loved the coconut rum flavor."


Apple Bombs

A sweet and savory treat to serve up at your next tailgate.

Cream Cheese & Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

"I have made these mushrooms a number of times, and they are always a hit."

-Lissa Sprenne

Reuben Egg Rolls

The iconic Reuben sandwich gets a Chinese takeout makeover. This egg roll contains chopped-up corned beef and Swiss cheese, which pairs with a sauerkraut-studded Thousand Island dressing.

Cheesy Dip

"This is my new favorite dip. It was so easy to make, and I got a lot of compliments on it."


Spicy Cheese Pastry

"This pastry is really good. The sharp cheese and the sour olives make a great combo."

-Tornado Ali

Jet Swirl Pizza Appetizers

"I have to confess, I made these pizza appetizers twice in one week. They are that good and easy to make."


Potato Nachos

"I so enjoy making something a bit different. So I made these when I had a crowd to feed and everyone loved them!"


Easy, Cheesy Puff Balls

"These are really the ultimate blank canvas for appetizers. I keep thinking of other stuffing add-ins that would be good to try."


Chicken & Biscuit Kabobs

"It doesn't get much quicker or easier than this recipe. These kebabs are a tasty, fun treat."


Pizza Rolls

"I will never use store-bought pizza rolls again! These were so good and so easy."

-Oh So Very Blessed

Cheesy Crescent Mozzarella Wedges

"We made these for our game day party, and everyone loved them. They were flakey and buttery."


Sausage Pinwheels

"This is a very versatile recipe and easy to make. I made two different kinds, ham and cheese and the regular sausage."


Wholly Guacamole

"I ALWAYS have some of this stashed in the fridge. It's good served with a little salsa on the side, too... and, of course, an ice-cold beer!"


Reuben Rolls

"These were so good. We deep-fried them to the peak of perfection, and then demolished them all."


Bratwurst Bake

"This is a great twist on bratwurst and it�s perfect for cold days."


Bacon Cocktail Weenies

"These cocktail weenies are amazing and simple to prepare. They will now be a regular at our football parties."


Killer Bread

"A delicious twist on garlic bread! This is our new favorite appetizer."


Wonton Wrapper Pizza Flats

"I should have made a double batch. These pizza wrappers were gone in no time and were a big hit with the kids."

-May I Have That Recipe

Garlic Potato Skins

"I adore potato skins, but with a little garlic it made them even more special! I served them with sour cream and salsa and they went down very well!"


Old-Fashioned Kettle Corn

"This was very good and crispy kettle corn. It�s easiest if you put sugar in after the popcorn has started popping."


Lil Smokies

"I made these sausages for my family for Super Bowl Sunday, and they were gone in no time."


Sticks of Ham With Honey

"These are so tasty! I love how the honey acts as a glue between the crunchy bread stick and silky tender Serrano ham."


3-Ingredient Nacho Dip

"I've been making this nacho dip for over 10 years now. It's so easy, and I always gets compliments."


Bacon-Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies

"These are always the most popular appetizers. I like to make them ahead of time and keep them warm in my slow-cooker."

-bunny�s kitchen

Reuben Pies

"These are melt-in-your-mouth baby pies. The flaky buttery crust envelopes a mix of paper-thin corned beef, caraway seasoned sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese."

-Timeless Gourmet

Caprese Appetizer

"I marinated the mozzarella and tomatoes in basil pesto before putting them on the skewers. They looked so beautiful on the table, too."


Perfect Smokies

"This sauce has so much flavor. I love the sweetness of the brown sugar and the spicyness from the Dijon mustard."


Sweet Chicken Bacon Wrap

"These tasty chicken bacon wraps went really fast while we were watching the football games. The only problem is now I've been begged to make them every weekend."


English Muffin Pizzas

"These English muffin pizzas are yummy. I remember making these as a kid."



"This is a fast and easy recipe that makes a delicious, creamy guacamole. "


Jalapeno Jelly & Cream Cheese Spread

"I made this cheese spread for our Super Bowl buffet table, and it was gone before half time."


Salsa Roll-Ups

"These salsa roll-ups were a delicious and quick appetizer. I used reduced fat cream cheese, whole wheat tortillas and homemade salsa."


Pepperoni Chips

"These pepperoni chips are a fast and tasty appetizer. I love that there is only one ingredient."


Salsa Fresca

"This was such a fresh and delicious salsa. I added a chili pepper and served it with tortilla chips for a yummy snack."


Bacon-Wrapped Water Chestnuts

"If you haven't tried bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, but you like sweet and salty appetizers, then these are for you."

-Elly in Canada

Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas

"I love anything buffalo chicken, but I hadn't thought of making quesadillas before. These were great with bleu cheese."


Cheese & Garlic-Filled Crescents

"The great thing about this recipe is that you can be creative. My mouth is watering just thinking about the crescents."


Bubble-Up Pizza

"This is a wonderfully quick and simple recipe that kids will love."


Italian Nachos

"What a fun nacho idea! I love anything with melted cheese, and the other ingredients in this recipe are excellent, too."


Bacon & Sausage Roll-Ups

"This recipe is a winner! The roll-ups are delicious and simple."


Pizza Roll-Ups

"These pizza roll-ups are a staple around our house, and the kiddos love them."

-cook from scratch

Cream Cheese Pizza Dip

"What an easy appetizer to make. It doesn't taste like it only has five ingredients."