Summer Cookout & BBQ Party Menus

Barbecues, cookouts, luaus - there's no doubt that eating outdoors is a highlight of summer. Make the most of it with these creative and satisfying themed menus.

BBQ Tapas

"This is a menu from our barbecue tapas night with another couple. It's lots of fun and made it easy to enjoy time with our friends!" -DancingPanda

Mexican Grilling on the Beach

Get the grill hot and then make it even more caliente with this sizzling Baja-styled feast.

Cuban BBQ

Get a taste of Havana with this flavorful menu featuring sweet and spicy Cuban favorites.

Texas BBQ

"Barbecue in Texas refers to long, slow, indirect cooking with a wood fire. Once you've tasted that style of barbecue, you understand that it is uniquely Texan!" -Cookin'Diva

Hawaiian Luau

Say aloha to a fruity mix of recipes that'll have your guests feeling like they're right on the Big Island.

Cookout in Argentina

Set your sights on South America with this meaty menu - preferably served with a kicky cocktail!

A Family Cookout

Get a taste of eastern Pennsylvania with this homespun menu made for a family-reunion cookout!

New England Beach Day

"I thought I would share a day of eating on the shores of New England!" -Food:The Way To Anyone's Heart

A Great BBQ

"A barbecue menu that's sure to please any time of the year!" -Pismo