36 Top Sugar Cookie Recipes

Cue the frosting and sprinkles! It's time to make sugar cookies, the quintessential holiday treat for gifting and sharing.

Soft & Chewy Sugar Cookies

"These cookies are absolutely amazing! I also like to add about a teaspoon and a half of maple flavoring in addition to what's here, and no one can get enough!"


Granny's Sugar Cookies

"This is my favorite go-to recipe for sugar cookies. If you roll them thicker (more than 1/4 inch), you'll get soft, tender cookies, and if you roll them thinner, they'll be crispy. They are delicious both ways."

-sweet tooth 23

Easy Sugar Cookies

"Fabulous and super easy to work with, not needing to chill first is a real bonus! I love the cookie without the icing, my husband loves it with. Great for decorating! Highly recommend this recipe for the home baker."


Best Darn Sugar Cookies Ever

"These are an excellent sugar cookie. I will certainly make these again."


Soft Sugar Cookies

"I love this sugar cookie recipe! My father loves sugar cookies and I have been looking for that perfect sugar cookie."


Drop Sugar Cookies

"Very good cookies! I didn't use the Crisco, but all butter. YUMMY!"


Soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

"Great recipe - very easy and it's perfectly moist and has a wonderful cakey texture."


Buttery Cut-Out Sugar Cookies with Icing

"This dough is fabulous to work with. The flavor is buttery without being too rich or sweet - the perfect foil for the icing. The icing dried firm and glossy and did not smear when I layered on a serving platter and covered them with plastic wrap for transport. An awesome recipe that has become my standard for sugar cookies."

-Kimberly Keller

Sugar Cookie Icing

"This is the first time I've made a sugar cookie icing that looks professional, tastes good and hardens up the way it's supposed to. Thanks, Junebug. I could have used this recipe many sugar cookies ago."


Amish Sugar Cookies

"An excellent cookie and so tender. I thought we'd have to refrigerate the dough before forming into balls but it worked out ok without chilling. We used a small meatball (1-inch size) scoop and made about 5 dozen cookies."

-Charlotte J

Ultimate Chocolate Sugar Cookies

"These may be the most elegant cookies I've ever made! The ganache absolutely puts these over the top. I put the ganache in a storage bag and just snipped the tiniest tip of the corner to make a beautiful and thin striped ganache over each and every corner of my snowflakes. They turned out beautifully."


Holiday Cut out Sugar Cookies for Christmas

"Super easy to make and turned out perfect!! This is my go to recipe for sugar cookies now!"

-Amber Simon

Grandma's Soft Sugar Cookies

"This was the easiest sugar cookie recipe I've ever made. My family loved them, and some friends raved about how soft they were and asked for the recipe."


Awesome Sour Cream Sugar Cookies With Homemade Icing

"This is the iced sugar cookie recipe that I've been looking for. The cookies are thick, soft, and substantial enough to hold up to icing. The icing is sweet, buttery, and hardens so that you can package the cookies away without messing them up."


Elegant Mascarpone-Topped Sugar Cookies

"Make-ahead recipes w/versatility, simplicity & a lovely presentation get high marks from me. This 1 hits a home-run for meeting all 4 goals. This is easy, good & definitely will be made again."


Easy Sugar Cookies

"These cookies are so soft and buttery. One warning though, they're so soft and light tasting that you could easily eat 4-6 and not feel like you've over done it."


Gluten Free Dutch Sugar Cookies

"This is the best gluten-free sugar cookie recipe I have ever tried! The dough is very easy to work with... great for making holiday cookies with kids. The taste and texture are excellent. I highly recommend this recipe!!!"


Roll out Classic Butter Sugar Cookies

"Loved it! This was incredibly easy to make and my family just loved them!"


Pecan Sugar Cookies

"Great cookies that were enjoyed by my family who give 5 stars. I melted chocolate and drizzled over the tops of all the cookies rather than dipping them in the chocolate."


Cookie-Cutter Dutch Sugar Cookies With White Chocolate Glaze

"FINALLY! A good sugar cookie for using cutters. They hold their shape & taste delicious. This one is going in the recipe box as THE recipe for when the kids want to use cookie cutters."


Snowman Sugar Cookies With Frosting

-These are super cute! My kidlets and I made these for neighbors gifts, and they we're super cute! We used choco chips and candy corn as descirbed and red lace licorice for the mouth. The kids loved making them, the neighbors loved recieving them. A huge hit all around. Thanks for posting!"

-StacieB CO

Drop Sugar Cookies

"Made these cookies for the cookie table at our Christmas Bazaar...I had to hide them from my kids. They are absolutely delicious, easy to make!"

-Laura L.

English Spiced Sugar Cookies

"These were very good, especially right out of the oven."

-Queen Dana

Chocolate Marzipan Sugar Cookies

"These cookies were absolutely delicious! Admittedly, I am partial to marzipan, but these were seriously awesome. They have such a delicate almond flavor, and mixed with the chocolate, oh my gosh...I think these were the best cookies I've ever made!"

-Jenna S.

Skor Bar Sugar Cookies

“MMMmmmmm....Skor bars (Or Heath bars if you can't find Skor)! These are easy and delicious with lots of Skor pieces that melt in your mouth.”


Shortbread Sugar Cookies With Icing

"This was amazing! So easy and so good! Definitely keeping this recipe"


Vegan Sugar Cookies

"I love these cookies. The applesauce gives it a fresh taste. We make them year after year for Christmas. We add plenty cinnamon!"


Merry Maker Christmas Sugar Cookies

"A little time consuming but fun to make! We loved these and they looked so pretty on our dessert table during the holidays!"


The Best Christmas Sugar Cutout Cookies

"Very tasty recipe and dough is quick to come together and easy to work with. I think this is my new favorite for cutouts! :)"


Yule Love These Sugar Plum Cookies

"I will try this recipe again, as they were a hit at our church, even though most of mine were not as pretty as the picture, my cookie tray was EMPTY at the end of the evening :) This recipe would be great for any occasion I think, just change the design of your cookie cutter to fit the theme."


Blue Ribbon Christmas Sugar Cookies

"The taste and texture of these cookies are phenomenal. These came out so light and fluffy that I do not think I could have frosted them without tearing them up. Instead I sprinkled them with raw sugar prior to baking and they came out perfect. I will be making these again."


Pineapple Brown Sugar Cookies

"Very easy to make and looks pretty on a cookie tray. I also sprinkled the thumb print cookie with a little sugar before filling with the pineapples."

-PM Chef

Holiday Sugar Cookies

"I have made these countless times and am asked for the recipe lots of times."

-Helen S.

Sugar Cookies

"Oh My Gosh! Yum and easy!"


Super Easy Cranberry Sugar Cookies

"A fabulous addition to our cookie trays ever year!! Easy and very tasty!"

-Carrie in Indiana

Jelly-Centered Sugar Cookies

"This is a delicious sugar cookie; plain on its own but great with jelly. A slightly sweet, thick cookie that is lovely on my Christmas plates!"