21 Snap Pea Recipe Ideas

Few foods embody the spirit of warm weather better than snap peas fresh from the garden. Although now that these crisp green pods are available year round, you don't need to wait for the crocuses to come up to enjoy these crave-worthy snap pea recipe ideas. Check out some of our users' most delicious recipes for snap peas from the simple to the decadent.

Roasted Sugar Snap Peas

"Great recipe. The chives were a nice touch. Great way to eat that big bag of Costco sugar snaps!"


Gingered Sugar Snap Peas

“I loved the brightness that the ginger brought to these peas! They were so fast an easy to put together I will be making them often.”

-K9 Owned

Sugar Snap Peas in Sesame Dressing

"I omitted the fresh green peas and halved the dressing and thought this was fantastic! Make sure to trim your sugar snaps or they will be quite stringy!”


Sugar Snap Pea & Carrot Soup

“I love this soup either hot or cold and with or without a dollop of sour cream or crème fraîche and will make it again especially for company. Also, I trimmed the ends and strings from the sugar snap peas before cooking."

-Carol W.

Roasted Asian Sugar Snap Peas

“This is a super simple side dish that requires very little work.”


Sesame Sugar Snap Peas

These simply dressed snap peas evoke the flavors of Japan with a touch of sake, shoyu and sesame oil.

Glazed Sugar Snap Peas With Turnips

"I loved this combination! I couldn't find fresh sugar snap peas, so had to use frozen. So I cooked my turnips before my sugar snap peas. Then sautéed in olive oil and garlic with shallots. Delicious!"


Lemony Snap Peas With Variations

“Crisp and lovely ! Love the way lemon brings out a nice crisp, fresh flavor.”


Sugar Snap Peas With Wasabi Butter

"These are addictive. Something about the contrast between the sweet green snaps, the bite from the wasabi and the salt. Really good."


Snap Peas for Parties

"Wow! these really went fast at the Cocktail party I catered last night. I used cashews instead of peanuts, because that's what I had.”

-Laureen in B.C.

Beans & Sugar Snap Peas With Lemon & Capers

"What a great combination of vegetables fresh from the garden; soft beans and crunchy peas. I subbed basil for the dill and probably cut back on the lemon juice a bit."


Orange-Glazed Sugar Snap Peas

"I needed something different to do with my snap peas other than plain old steamed, and this fit the bill! Very easy and tasty! I topped with sesame seeds for the photo, and they tasted great that way.”


Snap Peas & Red Onions

“Wow, these are so good. I didn't change a thing. They were slightly sweet and salty, a great combo.”

-Denise G.

Sauteed Sugar Snap Peas

“Perfect quick and easy recipe to use up a bag of sugar snap peas I had in the fridge. The garlic and the ginger go really well with the peas. I just loved it!”


Minted Sugar Snap Peas

"Another yummy side dish to add to the weekly rotation! So light and fresh tasting! The best part is these peas will go with almost anything!”


Snap Peas in Brown Butter

“This was yummy! I loved the pecans with the snap peas — very nice combo!”

-Shelby Jo

Minted Sugar Snap Peas

“This is a great, fast side veggie dish! I think one helpful tip would be to take the peas out of the fridge about an hour prior to cooking so they come up to room temp and not take so long to heat up to avoid overcooking the nuts and risking a bitter taste.”


Curried Snap Peas & Mushrooms

“High praise from my friend that I served this recipe to (I had some too). She is a very fussy eater and likes her veggies plain. She loved this recipe.”


Chicken, Snap Peas & Veggie Stir-Fry

"This dish was delicious. This sauce could be used on endless stir-fries.”

-cassarole queen

Turkey & Sugar Snap Peas in Orange Mustard Sauce

This orange-scented stir fry combines sweet snap peas with turkey, mushrooms and water chestnuts.

Sweet Apricot Chicken & Sugar Snap Peas

This Asian-inspired pasta dish combines the flavors of sweet apricot jam with dried apricots and a drizzle of sesame oil for a delicate, sophisticated meal.