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41 Savory Pumpkin Recipes

Want to embrace the fall pumpkin craze with more than just a spiced latte? Broaden your autumnal horizons, one un-sweetened recipe at a time.

Pumpkin Ravioli With Sage Butter Sauce

"This is a great, simple recipe."


Pumpkin & Bacon Pasta Sauce

"The base of this recipe is very nice. I also added a pinch of red pepper flakes and a little brandy which really gave it a nice depth of flavor."


Pumpkin Hummus

"This recipe is a great take on regular hummus. You can't beat the wonderful colors and pumpkin flavor."


Caramelized Chicken & Pumpkin Stir-Fry

"This is a wonderful stew that is quick and easy to prepare. The leftovers are superb!"


Creamy Pumpkin Pasta

"This pasta is such a nice treat. The flavors are delicate and the texture is rich and creamy."


Pumpkin Risotto With Prosciutto

A true comfort food, and the prosciutto adds the perfect amount of saltiness.

Savory Pumpkin Ravioli

"On a cool Halloween, I prepared this recipe for my own little goblins to gobble after trick or treating."

-Mama Cee Jay

Carrot-Apple Slaw with Pumpkin Seeds

"This is an amazing slaw. The flavors are bright, the textures are great together, and the colors are so pretty."

-Cucina Casalingo

Curried Pumpkin Soup

"This is a wonderful pumpkin soup. It's perfect for a chilly fall dinner."


Pumpkin & Chive Damper

"This damper is so easy to make. It has a wonderful crunchy crust with a lovely soft interior."


Sweet and Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

"Awesome! This the best recipe for pumpkin seeds I've ever had. We made this for our annual Halloween party and it was a huge hit with both adults and kids!"


Roasted Pumpkin Pilau

"This bite of fall has a wonderful range of flavors and textures."


Herbed Pumpkin

"Whoever said that comfort food is always unhealthy is wrong. This is a fantastic pumpkin recipe."

-Diana #2

Miso Soup with Pumpkin

"This is a very nice, comforting version of miso soup."


Pumpkin Mash

"I love this dish. The sweet taste of the pumpkin goes so well with the spicy curry and earthy tahini."


Cajun Pumpkin Seeds

"These were very yummy and very addicting! They were super-easy to make and really had a great flavor."


Roasted Pumpkin on Lettuce

"This pumpkin salad makes a lovely starter for a fall dinner party."


Spiced Pumpkin

"This pumpkin dish makes a really nice simple side for dinner. It's a great change from savory potatoes."


Pumpkin with Leeks & Turnips

"This pumpkin recipe makes a fantastic side to any meaty meal."


Mashed Pumpkin Potatoes

"I really enjoy making mashed potatoes with pumpkin. I love the bacon-onion addition in this recipe, it really jazzes the dish up."


Pumpkin & Zucchini Risotto

"This pumpkin risotto is absolutely dreamy. The bright colors of the vegetables make this a beautiful dish to serve."


Pumpkin Seed Pesto

"I have never had pesto like this before. It is spoon-licking-good."


Pumpkin Biscuits

"These pumpkin biscuits bake up tall and proud. They're such a comforting treat during the chilly fall."


Sweet Roasted Pumpkin Mash

"I love this mash. The spices really set this apart from other pumpkin mashes."

-French Tart

Perfect Crispy Toasted Pumpkin Seeds

"These are the best pumpkin seeds I've ever had. Even my daughter who never eats pumpkin seeds has been asking for them as her snack for school most days. The boiling makes all the difference!"

-Camden's Mom

Pan Cooked Pumpkin

"Cooking the pumpkin in the pan after cooking the bacon and garlic gives it an amazing flavor."


Chicken & Pumpkin Pasta

"I really enjoyed this pasta dish. It has a nice combination of flavors with the roasted pumpkin and the green olives."

-Sydney Mike

Slow-Cooker Pumpkin Puree

"This pumpkin puree is so easy to make. It tastes so much better than canned pumpkin."


Spicy Roasted Pumpkin

"This recipe is so good. You can't beat oven-roasted veggies for maximum flavor."


Tikka Chicken with Pumpkin Curry

"I love this recipe. It's a great version of chicken tikka masala with the use of pumpkin."

-East Wind Goddess

Pumpkin Brioche

"This pumpkin brioche is buttery and rich while still pillowy and light. It's wonderful with a bit of whipped honey-butter."


Tortellini with Pumpkin Sage Butter

"I'm a big pumpkin fan and I love this tortellini recipe. It is a wonderful and unique use for pumpkin pie mix."


Pumpkin Tian

"This pumpkin tian is pure vegetable heaven."


Pumpkin Risotto with Acorn Squash

"This creamy pumpkin risotto is paired perfectly with the sweet acorn squash."

-Culinary Ginger

Pumpkin Curry

"I can't believe how simple this curry recipe is to make. It has great results and the eye-appeal is brilliant."


Pumpkin Couscous Salad

"This is a delicious couscous salad. All the flavors go so well together and the spice combinations are so simple."


Pumpkin Zucchini Bread

"This wonderful zucchini bread makes the kitchen smell amazing while it bakes."

-Pixie's Kitchen

Pumpkin & Lentil Lasagna

"This pumpkin lasagna is outstanding. I will definitely be making this every pumpkin season."

-dimensionally transcendental

Pumpkin Dip

"This dip is wonderful. I took it to a school function and all the teachers loved it."


Chicken-Pumpkin Soup Curry

"I really love the flavor of this pumpkin curry dish."


Garlic Roasted Pumpkin

"This recipe is outstanding. The garlic really adds a lot to the flavor of the pumpkin."

-Chef floWer