26 Cinnamon Rolls That'll Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

They’re gooey, sticky, sweet and best when they’re fresh out of the oven. They’re cinnamon rolls, and we’ve got lots of scrumptious variations for you to try.

Giant Cinnamon Roll With Blood Orange Glaze

"This is a great beginners recipe. And so tasty. I also let the dough rise overnight and baked it the next day. Yummy!!"

-kathie h.

Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

"These are absolutely delicious! These are absolutely gorgeous, delicious, and makes you look like a super star in the kitchen! Well worth the time!!"

-College Gal

Cake Mix Cinnamon Rolls

"These rolls are to die for! I won't be using any other recipe to make my cinnamon rolls. They were moist and just darn good!"

-Ellen Langworthy

Mini Maple Cinnamon Rolls

"I've made these a dozen times now - they're wonderful. I don't make mine very mini in size, though. I usually add a tsp of maple flavoring to the dough and icing."


Apple Cinnamon Rolls

"With company at the house I was trying to find something really yummy for breakfast. These fit the bill! I used 1 c. of minced walnuts too, as we love nuts and it was a great addition. These are a great find!"


Orange Cinnamon Rolls

"SO AWESOME! I am glad that they aren't too hard, because I am sure that I will be making them often! If you're looking for an awesome recipe, try this one!!"


The Perfect Cinnamon Rolls

"These are very tasty, and accurately described as "ooey-gooey." Overall I was very happy with this recipe and will be writing it down for my recipe box."


Cinnamon Biscuit Rolls

"These are heavenly rolls! The taste and light texture are simply wonderful!"


Super Fantastic Cinnamon Rolls (Bread Machine Recipe)

"These turned out awesome! The rolls were very moist and the frosting wasn't too sweet. I took these to work and everybody loved them! I will definitely be making these again! Delicious!"


Alton Brown's Overnight Cinnamon Rolls

"This is a wonderful recipe -which isn't surprising since Alton Brown is a MASTER. They really make you feel special because you made such a wonderful dish from scratch and everyone raves. I just can't say enough about this wonderful recipe. It's one I've made many times and never have I been disappointed."


Danish Pastry Cinnamon Rolls

"Danish pastries are the flakiest and the most buttery of all the sweet rolls. These cinnamon rolls just melt in your mouth.This recipe takes all day to make but the results are really worth it."


Glazed Cinnamon Rolls - Bread Machine

"I just made these and they're tasty. Mostly, I'm surprised by how PERFECT the directions are. Usually, you have to tweak or go by instinct with a recipe but this one is SPOT ON in terms of timing and quantities."


Ninety Minute Cinnamon Rolls

"This was my first attempt at yeast cinnamon rolls and I found the perfect recipe on the first try! These are soooo yummy and easy, too! I baked mine in a 9x13" pan and they came out perfect!"


Jumbo Cinnamon Buns/Rolls

"You all know I don't hand out many five stars, this one truly deserves it. OVER-THE-TOP DELICIOUS! Easy to follow instructions too. I can't wait to take them to work and share! This will be my new cinnamon roll recipe."


Coffee-Glazed Cinnamon Rolls

"This was a delightful find. I only made 6 buns but I will be making this recipe again. I LOVE the coffee glaze on them, what a wonderful difference."


Cinnamon Rolls - "Sin" amon Rolls

"Fabulous! Oh my, these are good! Compliments ranged from fantastic, awesome, absolutely incredible, to die for, well, you get the point. I have NEVER been able to make a decent icing for cinnamon buns, but after using this recipe? Let's just say it made me look SO good, lol."

-Susann Simpson

Caramel Cinnamon Rolls

"This is the easiest caramel topping ever and absolutely delicious. No need to fuss over cooking caramel on the stove - this carmelizes on its own in the oven. I used a glass baking dish so I could gauge the browning of the bottoms and the caramel."


Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Frosting

"Five stars! I followed the recipe just as written. Using the bread machine to make the dough makes it SO easy. Both my kids enjoyed them, and I thought they were wonderful. This one goes in the tried and true file!"


Crescent Dough Cinnamon Rolls

"Mmmmmmmmmm! Mine all burst open and oozed marshmallow so I guess I didn't pinch them together very well. That said, these are awesome! I used quite a bit of cinnamon sugar, on the inside and outside. I really really enjoyed these and will definitely make them again."


Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

"Wow, these are terrific! Adding the blueberries adds a new dimension to the already great taste of cinnamon rolls. The one I gave my daughter was gone in seconds and she was sadly disappointed that she couldn't have a second immediately. My husband ate two, and he doesn't really like sweets that much."

-pattikay in L.A.

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls (Bread Machine Recipe)

"These are the best caramel rolls I have ever tasted! They had lots of room to puff and came out deliciously light & fluffy! I also have never tried using milk instead of butter for the filling, but as Hazeleyes says, it worked beautifully."


Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls

"Delicious! I love the chocolate chips sprinkled in these. Just a nice change of pace from a regular cinnamon roll!"


Pie Crust Cinnamon Rolls

"“There always seems to be at least a little bit of leftover crust when you make a pie. This recipe puts those leftover scraps to use! These are great for the family to snack on before the pie is served."

-Emily Elizabeth

Gooey Cinnamon Rolls (Bread Machine Recipe)

"I wouldn't shame these with comparing them with the mall ones - these are better! I almost did the "butter" idea, Im glad I didnt, they were perfect w/o all the extra fat. PERFECTION!"

-Andys Wife

Screamin' Cinnamon Rolls With Cream Cheese Frosting

"I have been looking for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe and I believe I have found it! The dough makes a delicious roll and this recipe tastes like I am eating the original Cinnabon."


Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

"These are amazingly good. Loved how soft they are and such wonderful flavors together. Love them!!"

-adopt a greyhound