Make an Adorable Sanrio-Inspired Bento Lunch Box for Kids

This adorable bento lunch from Luxe and the Lady features a fast and easy spin on classic cold soba noodles, served with fresh and filling sides.

Sanrio-Inspired Bento Box

Cutest school lunch in the world? Get the full recipe here.

Hello there, Kitty!

Use a paper stencil to cut a slice of cheese in Hello Kitty's image.

Twirl Those Noodles

Arrange cold, cooked somen noodles on top of the cheese.

Here comes color

Surround the Hello Kitty somen noodles with a mixture of sliced green onions and chopped herbs.

So Green, So Fresh

To make Keroppi, twirl cha soba green tea noodles to create a second oval.

Add some contrast

Surround your green noodles with chopped carrots, or another vegetable of your choosing. Cut a radish to make blushing cheeks and add them to your Keroppi.

Design the faces

Use cheese and nori to create eyes and pupils for Keroppi, and use nori to make whiskers and eyes for Hello Kitty.

Hairdo on fleek

Use a red bell pepper to create Hello Kitty's iconic bow.

Dessert phase

To create Badtz Maru, arrange blueberries in an oval shape similar to the last two faces. Use a knife to cut blueberries to create spiky hair.

So much sass

Slice a pear to create eyes for Badtz Maru. Surround your creations with colorful, healthy fruit as a finishing touch.

Lunch box Surprise!

And there you have it! The perfect lunch for kids (and even adults, too)!