A Salad-Only Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving has a prescribed menu (Aunt Doris would hate to miss out on the stuffing). But what if you cooked the Thanksgiving dinner of your salad-obsessed dreams? Well, now you can, and Aunt Doris won't even be upset.

Only Salads Allowed

This year, don't deny yourself. Make the food you REALLY want to be eating.

Warm Potato & Leek Salad

Replace mashed potatoes with this warm and indulgent salad loaded with leeks and peas.

Shaved Sweet Potato Salad

Swap out your usual sweet potato casserole for a salad with a little crunch and a whole lot more personality.

Crispy Turkey Salad

Turkey is a must. But this year, rethink the centerpiece bird by making this kale-based beauty loaded with fried turkey skin and shredded meat.

Pine Nut, Goat Cheese & Green Bean Salad

Ditch the fried onions from your grandma's casserole. Instead, load your green beans with the fresh tang of goat cheese and the silky crunch of pine nuts.

Brussels Sprouts & Sausage Salad

Add a meaty bite to your green side with this smart take on Brussels. Don't worry the croutons make this lightened-up dish as indulgent as ever.

Cranberry Couscous Salad

If your love of cranberry sauce knows no bounds, it's high time you give the humble bog berry a place to shine. Our solution? A bountiful salad brimming with tart cranberries and vibrant pomegranate seeds.

Stuffing Salad

It's not Thanksgiving without stuffing, which is why this salad is steeped in classic flavors, crave-worthy carbs and fluffy microgreens. Stuffing mix? Who needs it?

Apple & Spinach Salad

Ditch the stress-inducing act of pie making and opt for this apple-studded salad topped with caramelized pecans instead.

Pumpkin Mixed Greens Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

Pumpkin Pie? It's a must. But bring this salad to any potluck and people with be praising your clever use of the orange Thanksgiving staple.

Pecan Pie Cookie Salad

Cookie salad, while void of actual salad, is the perfect (oh-so-indulgent) end to this green meal. After all, why save calories? It's Thanksgiving and we brought our stretchy pants!