55 Rum Drinks

There is more to rum drinks than piña coladas and rum and cokes. Expand your repertoire of rum-based cocktails with these boozy recipes submitted by our readers. Whether you need a tropical cooler or something to warm you up on a cold, wet day, there is a rum drink for you.

Pineapple Rum Daiquiri Cocktail

This cocktail blends pineapple-infused rum and maraschino cherry syrup for a different take on the classic Cuban cocktail.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri

“Extremely delicious. The amount of lime and strawberries used should be experimented with.”


Refreshing Mojitos by the Pitcher

"Yes this is a great mojito recipe. I have replaced the club soda with Sprite, which is a lemon-lime soda. I found it adds to the flavour."

-jake boyle

Mojito Jell-O Shots

“Made exactly as written and everyone raved. This recipe is definitely a keeper!”


Summer Berry Mojito

"Great mojito recipe! Loved the addition of fresh berries. I didn't have the simple syrup so I used the two teaspoons of sugar.”


The Best Mai Tai

"Delicious, classy; a good lover's drink."

-Armando D.

Malibu Frozen Lemonade

"These were fast, easy and great!

-Tahiti Girl


"The best thing one can do with a can of coconut water. Absolutely delightful, cool and refreshing! Either as is or I also tried with a splash of Malibu added. Great both ways."


Mardi Gras Hurricane 2

"The first sip of this drink instantly transported me across the Pacific and back to my hometown, New Orleans. I was sitting at Pat O’Brien’s in the French Quarter sipping hurricanes on a hot summer afternoon.”

-A Good Thing

Bacardi Cocktail

“This cousin of the Daiquiri dates back to well before Prohibition.”

-Mike Pellerin


"Boy, is this ever good. Quick easy and very moreish. Love the addition of the spices and the coconut flavour makes a nice change from an egg based mix.”


Island Piña Colada

“Awesome! Switching out fresh pineapple for the juice made it not so sweet! Bitters are a must. Don’t know how they got the name but yummy and does add the professional touch!”


Piña Colada

"I made this one for my husband who really liked it but didn't think it was very strong. I thought it was perfect. I really liked the coconut rum as opposed to just all regular rum."


Long Island Iced Tea

“Smooth and tastes like a lemony glass of iced tea. I also think this is much better than Applebee's. Watch out, it really sneaks up on you.”


Watermelon Mojito

“This is a wonderful drink and so easy to make. I will be making this for our annual euchre picnic as I bet it will be real popular. A must try.”


Kumquat Mojito

"I like these little fruits. So when I saw this drink I had to try it. It's very good, even though I did it for one in two small glasses. So I think I put too much club soda. But it was still good.”


Banana Daiquiri

“I was anxious to try this and wasn't disappointed. Hubby and I had one as an after dinner drink. Man, are these ever good!”


Hot Rum Toddy

"I really enjoyed this drink. I also cut down on the rum but did everything else as written. After finishing my toddy I was warm and fuzzy and ready for a good night's sleep.”


Hot Buttered Rum

“I reduced the rum to one ounce for my serving. It was perfect! I put the remainder in an air-tight container and stuck it in the fridge.”

-Susie in Texas

Planters Punch by the Pitcher

“This is delicious! I made a pitcher for my birthday — potent!”


Barbados Rum Punch for One

"Wife and I went to Barbados on our honeymoon, and this brings us back. It’s awesome!"

-Jan P.

Rum Relaxer

“It tasted great and was a nice way to cool off on a hot summer night.”

-Aunt Paula

Creamy Coconut Belize Rum Punch

"Great drink — sweet and tropical! Packs a punch and goes down so smooth, so watch out.”


Butternut Rum Lifesaver Shooter

“The taste was wonderful! Just like the Life Saver! Thanks so much!"


Cuba Libre

“I used Captain Morgan and diet coke. Loved the lime addition.”


Barbadian Rum Punch

"Very good indeed! The only thing I omitted was the papaya as I didn't have one. Loved the vanilla flavoring in this.”


Bobby Flay's Rum Lemonade

"Awesome hit at pool party. Used raspberry lemonade, added sugar and fresh lemon juice. A keeper."

-Earnestine C.

Frozen Pineapple-Mango Daiquiri

"I made the daiquiri as directed except I hadn't looked to see that it made four drinks. Oh happy day! It was silky smooth and so refreshing.”

-K9 Owned

Champagne Mojito

"This was fantastic. I had this in a restaurant in Disneyland in California and have been looking for the recipe.”


Pink Mojito

"Quite delicious and very refreshing. I did not have any fresh raspberries on hand, so I used raspberry rum in place of the white rum. My substitution worked very well.”

-Bev I Am

Rum Runner

“This is a delightful, fruity drink served well over ice. You might want to make a pitcherful when you taste this.”

-Bev I Am

The Original Painkiller

“I had a Painkiller for the first time at a place in Santa Cruz. It was fantastic but I didn't really think I could come close at home. I did with this recipe!”

-Teddys Mommy

Bahamian Rum Punch

“Very nice cocktail. I made it martini style, so I used a half ounce Campari, one ounce coconut rum and one ounce each of pineapple and orange juice. Really good!”


St. Vincent Rum Punch

“Great recipe! I made a batch with coconut rum, and it added a nice tropical flair. I keep it in the fridge in case guests pop in."


Scorpion Bowl

This is a potent tiki-style cocktail common at Chinese-American restaurants, particularly in New England.

Rum Louis Cocktail

“A delightful and tropical fruity rum drink that's sure to please almost anyone!”


Rum Cocktail

"Great drink! I really liked the Kahlua with the citrus juices. Smooth and not too sweet.”


Dark N' Stormy

"Some friends served these to us recently and we loved them! I was hoping there was a recipe on food.com giving the exact proportions and this does the trick!”

-run for your life

Sit-On-The-Roof Rum Slush

"Wow whee! This is delicious and potent! I didn't have enough rum and used about four ounces less than called for, which turned out to be perfect for us. This is a great drink to keep in the freezer during the summer months.”


Strawberry-Banana Rum Jell-O Shots

"Yum! Everyone commented how great these were. Said they were the best they had."


Grapefruit Rum Coolers

"I love these. Truly refreshing and just delicious! I used freshly squeezed juices and mint from my herb garden. I don't see how they could be improved upon.”


St. Croix Mango Rum Punch

"This is the best rum punch I have ever had. Quadrupled the recipe for a pool party and had some leftover, so I froze it. The next day I pulled it out and it was nice and slushy, so it was even better — an adult snow cone!"


Banana & Rum Smoothie

"I used a tablespoon of chocolate syrup for the creme de cacao and Malibu coconut rum. This is such a wonderful cocktail smoothie!”


Rum Rebellion Cocktail

"This drink is wonderful. One of the best. Very tropical. My husband told me it was sweet. Yes, it is, but I like it in this drink. And also it's beautiful.”


Hotel Riley Rum Cocktail

"Yummy! This is so good. I did this drink for me and my husband, and he even loved it. It was not too sweet. Perfect.”


Culto a La Vida

“I love cosmos, and this was really just a rum twist on that yummy drink. It was really pretty in the glass and I know I'll be making many more of these on our warm and balmy evenings!”


Monoloco Zombie

"Oh, my! This is one good drink! As I type, I've had to correct three typos, so yes, it is definitely strong! I can picture making this in a pitcher and having a wonderful sunset party at the pool.”


The Old Cuban

"This was pretty darn good! I probably added a little more champagne than called for, and I really enjoyed it!"


Cider Heaven

“I added less rum because the first time it was too strong. Very simple and a nice drink in the winter.“


Maple Rum Cider

"This is absolutely wonderful! Perfect for that cool evening. I have since made it two more times and even shared it (minus the alcohol) with one of my kids.”

-mary winecoff

Jamaica Ska

"This is a wonderful drink. I used raspberry syrup that I made.”



"Very nice! This tastes almost like a spiked tea. It's not too strong, but it really warms you up. The spices and sweetness were spot-on."


Citrus Rum Collins

"I really enjoyed this light and refreshing drink! The sweet/tart lime muddle was great with the citrus rum; I only added a little soda and it was just right. Great summertime cocktail.”


Neely's Hurricane

"Made these before this past weekend and, boy, were they good. The perfect drink to ride out the storm! One or two of these and you do not care how hard the wind is blowing!”

-Mamas Kitchen Hope

Cable Car

"Very good but potent. Makes two drinks to share. Will make it again. It's such a pretty color.”