22 Recipes that Remind Us Of Eighth Grade

We're throwing it back to a simpler time when our moms made us breakfast and the microwave was our best friend in the kitchen. These recipes make us feel like we're 13 again, and we love it.

Pizza Scrolls

"These were very easy to put together and turned out delicious. I used turkey bacon in them with pizza sauce and cheese. I will use this recipe again for sure."


Baked Chicken Tenders

"The tenders were so moist. The kids liked it, and I was able to make extra for snacks later on."


Ham & Cheese Cups

"When I made these, we didn't have any ham, so I used chopped hotdogs instead. Very yummy."

-Terri Newell

Rice Krispie Treats

"A delicious, classic recipe! I switched it up a bit and threw in a teaspoon of vanilla, a drop of almond extract and a tiny bit of maple flavoring."


Orange Sesame Broccoli

"Nice and subtle with just the right amount of tang. I used broccoli, beans and asparagus. Terrific!"


Tuna Noodle Casserole

"Great recipe! First time making tuna casserole and I have to admit that it was better than Mom’s. Making second batch for the day, since the family ate it all within an hour. Their only ask was to add buttered bread crumbs on top... It’s a family thing."


Lunch Box Muffins

"These are great muffins for breakfast or for lunch. Love the heartiness of them and that they are packed with fiber."


Peanut Butter & Jelly Puffs

"Very easy and yummy! Just be sure to seal the edges or you will have major leaks. Super good with a big glass of cold milk!"


Whole-Grain No-Bake Granola Bars

"These are great, versatile granola bars. You can add whatever you like, and they have a delicious nutty flavor."


Dutch Babies

"My son loves when I made this for a quick and easy supper. It comes together before the oven even preheats. It's simple, cheap and good!"


30 Minute Chicken & Dumplings

"This was amazingly easy and had really good flavor. I used a can of biscuits which worked perfectly as dumplings."


Spaghetti Skillet

"I was thrilled to see a one-pot spaghetti recipe. It was great and really easy."


Oatmeal Cottage Cheese Pancakes

"My favorite breakfast. Sometimes I add shredded zucchini which is so good."

-Maisy O.

Chicken Ranch Pizza

"Very yummy and tasted even better the next day reheated in the toaster oven."


Zesty Oven-Baked Fries

"Great potatoes. Loved the spices and they came out crispy on the outside and tender on the inside."


Creamy Microwave Mac & Cheese

"The breadcrumbs are a fantastic addition! I added some cooked, shredded chicken breast to the mac and cheese. So delicious."

-Michael Weston

Fluffy Key Lime Pie

"This is a nice, light dessert. Quick, easy and delicious!"

-Outta Here

Slow-Cooker Stacked Enchiladas

"A terrific slow-cooker recipe. It has been added to our weekly menu by popular demand. It was very simple to put together and had a very rich taste."


Turkey Meatballs

"Excellent, very flavorful and nice texture. I was skeptical about cooking them in the microwave, but these are great and very easy to make."


Crunchie Bars

"Always a favorite around the holidays."


Parmesan Eggs

"This is a great recipe for one person or for a crowd. Simple and delicious!"


Lemony Cheesecake Squares

"Light, cool and easy. What more could you ask for? If you like lemon, you should try this at least once."