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18 Quick & Easy Tacos

From ground beef to mashed potatoes - tacos can be filled with all kinds of goodies. Pull together a fast fiesta with our top takes on this Mexican favorite.

Barbacoa Tacos

"This made a great batch of flavorful shredded beef for our tacos. It tasted great in corn tortillas with onions and cilantro."

-Muffin Goddess

Chicken Tacos With Charred Tomatoes

"I really enjoyed these tacos. I loved the smoky flavor that the charred tomatoes added to the chicken."


Classic Beef Tacos

"These tacos were wonderful. I will definitely make them again."


Veggie Crumble Tacos

"I used a vegan sour cream topping and some thinly sliced green onion. This is a terrific, easy recipe."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Southwest Turkey Tacos

"This is an excellent recipe for busy people like me. You can do just about anything you want to the meat and it'll still turn out perfect."


BBQ Pork Tacos

"These delicious tacos are perfect for a quick dinner. You won't be able to eat just one."

-Basic and Delicious

Taqueria-Style Carne Asada Tacos

"These made me feel like I was in a taqueria. They were inexpensive and satisfying."


Chorizo Breakfast Tacos

"This is a great change to the same-old egg wrap. It will make an appearance on our table quite often."

-Andi of Longmeadow Farm

Grilled Scallops Tacos

"These are surprisingly fast to make. The creamy avocado sauce goes really well with seafood."


Chicken Tacos

"This is a delicious and easy recipe. We loved the addition of the sour cream."

-Barb Gertz

Quinoa Super Tacos

"These tacos are superb. You don't miss the meat at all."


Indian Tacos on Fry Bread

"These are a really nice change from regular tacos. We will be having them often."

-Susie in Texas

Chipotle Shrimp Tacos

"I sprinkled crispy bacon bits and fresh lime juice on my tacos. They tasted fabulous."

-Lynn in MA

Chicken & Chorizo Tacos

"These tacos had a great combination of flavors. This is a wonderful recipe for an alternative taco filling."

-French Tart

Tacos De Papa

"These were very good. I served them with queso fresco, shredded lettuce and salsa."


Slow-Cooker Carnitas Tacos

These juicy pork tacos might take a little longer, but the results are completely worth it.

Mahi-Mahi Tacos with Tropical Salsa

"The salsa alone is worthy of a five-star rating. It is absolutely magnificent."


Shrimp Tacos

"This recipe is amazing. I have been searching the perfect shrimp taco and I've finally found it."